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Primary view of American Arms Sales to Iran and Power Politics in the Middle East
Aryanpur Kashani, Khosrow
December 1977
Primary view of American Response to Military Coups among Her Allies: Greece--The Colonels' Coup
Frith, Roger W.
December 1977
Primary view of An Analysis of Media, Social, and Political Influences on Time of Voting Decision in Presidential Elections, 1952-1976
Garrison, G. David (Glenn David)
December 1981
Primary view of Appellate Recruitment Patterns in the Higher British Judiciary: 1850 - 1990
Thomas, Bruce K.
December 2004
Primary view of Balance-of-Power Theory and the Ethiopian-Somali Conflict of 1977- 1978
Ogundele, Ayodeji O. (Ayodeji Olusesi)
December 1987
Primary view of Beyond GNP: Economic Freedom as a Determinant of Basic Human Needs.
Juenke, Eric
December 2002
Primary view of The British Withdrawal from the Arabian Gulf and Its Regional Political Consequences in the Gulf
Al-Mubarak, Masoumah Saleh
December 1976
Primary view of Canadian Supreme Court Decision-Making: The Personal Attribute Model in Explaining Justices' Patterns of Decision-Making, 1949-1980
Sittiwong, Panu
December 1985
Primary view of A Comparison of the Performance of the Radical and Conservative Models of Economic Development in the Carribean Basin
Alfaro, Alban Salazar
December 1987
Primary view of Contextualizing the Law: Sentencing Decisions of Sexual Assault Cases of Dallas County, 1999-2005
Greening, Megan
December 2006
Primary view of Cost of Issuing Debt: An Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Net Interest Cost of State Bonds
Chen, Li-Kanz
December 1995
Primary view of Dealignment Decades on: Partisanship and Party Support in Great Britain, 1979-1996
Ho, Karl Ka-yiu
December 1996
Primary view of Decision-Making at the Court of Appeals Level Involving Religious Liberty Cases
Reeves, Susan Kay
December 2002
Primary view of Dependence Upon Oil and its Influence on Foreign Policy
Hamel, Howard C.
December 1978
Primary view of The Destruction of a Society: A Qualitative Examination of the Use of Rape as a Military Tool
Finley, Briana Noelle
December 2004
Primary view of The Determinants of Federal Spending for the Administration of Justice
Gabriano, Gina
December 1998
Primary view of Determinants of International Terrorist Group Formation, 1968-1999
Worrell, Blake
December 2007
Primary view of Developing Capacity: The IMF's Impact on State Capacity
Harper, Christine
December 2006
Primary view of Do Different Political Regime Types Use Foreign Aid Differently to Improve Human Development?
Phan, Thu Anh
December 2009
Primary view of Does Cultural Heterogeneity Lead to Lower Levels of Regime Respect for Basic Human Rights?
Walker, Scott
December 2002
Primary view of Does Euroscepticism Matter? the Effect of Public Opinion on Integration
Williams, Christopher J.
December 2012
Primary view of Economic Development, Social Dislocation and Political Turmoil in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Pooled Time-Series Analysis and a Test of Causality
Obi, Zion Ikechukwu
December 2000
Primary view of Electoral Rules, Political Parties, and Peace Duration in Post-conflict States
Kisin, Tatyana Tuba Kelman
December 2014
Primary view of Electoral System Effects On Anti-muslim Sentiments In Western Europe
Saleemi, Asmara
December 2011