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Primary view of An Ethnographic Investigation of the Influence of the Home Environment on the Developing Reading Skills of First Grade Children
Kingore, Bertha Wilhelm
August 1980
Primary view of A Content Analysis of the Writing Assignments Located in the Five Basal Readers Adopted by the State of Texas
Melton, Lynda Gayle White
August 1983
Primary view of A Delphi Study of the Perceived Reading Skill Needs of Community College Students as Determined by Community College Content Area Faculty
Cortina, Joe
August 1983
Primary view of Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing: Developing a Schema for Expository Text Through Direct Instruction in Analysis of Text Structure
Hickerson, Benny L. (Benny Louise)
August 1986
Primary view of Questions Used by Teachers with Skilled and Less Skilled Readers
Loring, Ruth M.
August 1986
Primary view of Comparison of Pre- and Posttraining Verbal Interaction of Caregivers and Children During Story Time
Drescher, Juanita Frost
August 1987
Primary view of The Effects of Cognitive Styles on Summarization of Expository Text
Mast, Cynda Overton
August 1988
Primary view of Home Literacy Environment and Experiences: A Description of Asian American Homes and Recommended Intervention
Lewis, Junko Yokota
August 1988
Primary view of "I Like the Name but Not the Soup!": An Ethnographic Study of the Metalinguistic Sentience of Young Gifted Children, Its Reflection of Their Cognitive Ability and its Relationship to Their Literacy Acquisition and Literacy Learning
McIntosh, Margaret E.
August 1988
Primary view of A Tagmemic Analysis of Coherence in the Writing of Descriptive Texts by College Students
Kent, Carolyn E. (Carolyn Elizabeth)
August 1988