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Primary view of The Politics of Funding State Senior Higher Education in Texas: An Analysis of the Pressure Group-Policy Process
Wilson, Samuel Paschal
May 1980
Primary view of The Development and Implementation of Federal Policy Concerning Health Maintenance Organizations
Enochs, David H.
August 1980
Primary view of Innovation in Municipal Personnel Offices: An Exploratory Study of Two Federal Regions
Copeland, Curtis W.
August 1980
Primary view of A Preliminary Study of the Systemic Problems Underlying U.S.-East European Trade Relations
Abbott, Karen L.
March 1981
Primary view of A Cross-National Study of the Correlates of Civil Strife in Middle Eastern Nations, 1960-73
Ganji, Ghorbanali
May 1981
Primary view of The Ecological Basis of Political Change Urbanization, Industrialization and Party Competition in the American South
Hughes, Dorene
May 1981
Primary view of An Analysis of Media, Social, and Political Influences on Time of Voting Decision in Presidential Elections, 1952-1976
Garrison, G. David (Glenn David)
December 1981
Primary view of Politics and Monetary Policy: A Cross-National and Time Series Analysis
Williams, John Taylor
December 1981
Primary view of The Causes of Revolution: A Case Study of Iranian Revolution of 1978-79
Tehrani, Mohammad Hassan Tajalli
March 1982
Primary view of The Western Sahara Conflict
Radhi, Samir Jassam
May 1983
Primary view of Lebanese Internal Divisions and Palestinian Guerrilla Activity, 1967-1976
Sayah, Edward
December 1983
Primary view of Management of Communal Conflict in the Middle East: The Case of the Kurds
Khosrowshahi, Manouchehr Rostamy
December 1983
Primary view of Mechanistic Assumptions and the East-West Conflict: a Critique
Ebers, Scott Allen
December 1983
Primary view of Respecification of Factors Affecting Vote Turnout: A Test of Three Competing Models
McClure, David Lawson
December 1983
Primary view of The Senate Apprenticeship Norm: A Longitudinal and Multivariate Investigation
Carter, James L. (James Lee), 1937-
December 1983
Primary view of Community in Japanese Political Organization
Bradley, James E. (James Earl)
May 1984
Primary view of The Polish Debt and American Policy
King, John Christopher
May 1984
Primary view of Managing Water Resources in the Tigris and Euphrates Drainage Basin: An Inquiry into the Policy Process
Al-Himyari, Abbas Hussien
August 1984
Primary view of U.S. Foreign Policy and the Soviet Gas Pipeline to Western Europe
Al-Imam, Jamal D.
August 1985
Primary view of Canadian Supreme Court Decision-Making: The Personal Attribute Model in Explaining Justices' Patterns of Decision-Making, 1949-1980
Sittiwong, Panu
December 1985
Primary view of Nigerian Politics: A Case Study of Military Coups
Jombo, Augustin B. (Augustin Bolsover)
May 1986
Primary view of The Shift of the Egyptian Alliance from the Soviet Union to the United States, 1970-1981
Rashdan, Abdelfattah A. (Abdelfattah Ali)
May 1986
Primary view of Greece and the European Economic Community: Relations During the Panhellenic Socialist Movement's First Term of Office, October 1981--June 1985
Psellas, Jimmie
December 1986
Primary view of International Political Economy of External Economic Dependence and Foreign Investment Policy Outputs as a Component of National Development Strategy: Nigeria 1954-1980
Ighoavodha, Frederick J. O. (Frederick J. Ofuafo)
December 1986