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Primary view of An Analysis of the Objectives and Suggested or Illustrative Methods and Materials on the Subject of Reading in the Elementary Schools as Found in Seven State Courses of Study
Bradley, Grace
Primary view of The Provincial Congress of North Carolina 1774-1776
McCarty, Jerry L.
January 1970
Primary view of Regional Highlights from Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States
U.S. Global Change Research Program
unknown creation date
Primary view of Validation of K-12 Art Specialist Competencies Most Essential for Elementary Classroom Teachers in the State of North Carolina
Cherry, Timothy Yates
May 1985
Primary view of Near-Death Prophecies of Disaster and the New Age: Are They True?
Alschuler, Alfred S.
Spring 1996
Primary view of The Evidential Value of Near-Death Experiences for Belief in Life After Death
Potts, Michael
Summer 2002
Primary view of Content Analysis of a Predominately African-American Near-Death Experience Collection: Evaluation the Ritual Healing Theory
McClenon, James
Spring 2005
Primary view of Kongo Near-Death Experiences: Cross-Cultural Patterns
McClenon, James
Autumn 2006
Primary view of The Phenomenology of the Self-Conscious Mind
Mays, Robert G. & Mays, Suzanne B.
Autumn 2008
Primary view of Impacts of Comprehensive Climate and Energy Policy Options on the U.S. Economy
Center for Climate Strategies
July 2010
Primary view of Hurricane Florence Twitter Dataset
Phillips, Mark Edward