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Primary view of An Inquiry into the Factors Affecting the Outcome of the 1948 Presidential Election with the Situations in the States of Illinois, Ohio, and California Subject to Special Emphasis
Raupe, Buell C.
August 1950
Primary view of A Communicative Analysis of the Role of Television Coverage of the 1968 Democratic National Convention
Scheibal, William J.
December 1974
Primary view of The Use of Near-Death Phenomena in Therapy
Punzak, Dan
Spring 1989
Primary view of Developing Social Interest in Juvenile Delinquents
Eldridge, Connie
August 1989
Primary view of Near-Death Verdicality Research in the Hospital Setting: Problems and Promise
Holden, Janice Miner & Joesten, Leroy
Autumn 1990
Primary view of Assessment of Clergy Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Near-Death Experiences
Bechtel, Lori J.; Chen, Alex; Pierce, Richard A. & Walker, Barbara A.
Spring 1992
Primary view of Adult Christian Education for Baby Boomers: a Descriptive Case Study of Three American Churches
Donahue, William P. (William Paul)
August 1994
Primary view of The Role of the U.S. Mass Media in the Political Socialization of Nigerian Immigrants in the United States
Okoro, Iheanyi Emmanuel
August 1996
Primary view of The Induction of After-Death Communications Utilizing Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: A New Discovery
Botkin, Allan L.
Spring 2000
Primary view of Who's Afraid of Life After Death?
Grossman, Neal
Autumn 2002
Primary view of The Nature and Meaning of the Near-Death Experience for Patients and Critical Care Nurses
Morris, Linda L. & Knafl, Kathleen
Spring 2003
Primary view of Regional Highlights from Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States
U.S. Global Change Research Program
Primary view of Illinois Commodity/Waste Generation and Characterization Study
Camp, Dresser & McKee
May 22, 2009
Primary view of Green Jobs Training: A Catalog of Training Opportunities for Green Infrastructure Training
United States. Environmental Protection Agency.
September 2010
Primary view of The Forty-fifth Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment: the Washburne Lead Mine Regiment in the Civil War
Mack, Thomas B.
December 2015