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Primary view of The Effects of Traditional Report Cards Upon the Grading of students of South Park Elementary School, Beaumont, Texas
Hackler, Vivien
August 1938
Primary view of Determining the Functional Health Content of a Health Education Course for Sixth-Grade Pupils in the DeQueen School in Port Arthur, Texas
Duck, Howard B.
August 1939
Primary view of An Evaluation of a Cooperative Community Survey as a Training in Service for Teachers
Hensarling, Paul
August 1940
Primary view of An Experimental Investigation of the Value of Music Workbooks in Junior High Music Classes
Milam, Lena
August 1941
Primary view of The Development of Easy Reading Materials for a Group of Slow Learners in the Second Grade
Smithwick, Jewel B.
Primary view of A Proposed Guidance Program for Beaumont High School
Jaeggli, Velma T.
Primary view of To Determine the Background of Delinquent and Non-Delinquent High School Boys of Beaumont, Texas, to Discover their Choices of Recreational Activities and to Propose an Expansion of the City Recreation Program Based on these Choices
Shepard, Robert D.
Primary view of Correlation between Laboratory Test Scores and Practical Test Scores in Driver Education and Training
Pertuit, Ted L.
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Special Education Program for Exceptional Children in Port Arthur, Texas
White, Frances Cornelia
Primary view of A Plan for Improving the Physical-Education Program for Boys in the Port Neches Junior High School
Mershon, Leonard W.
Primary view of A Bulletin for Beginning Teachers
Mathews, Fronia
Primary view of A Study of Dropouts in the Secondary Schools of Port Arthur, Texas
Arrington, Electa Carol
Primary view of Economic History of the Development of the Oil Industry in Southeast Texas
Kennedy, Emery L.
January 1952
Primary view of A Critical Analysis, Based on Evaluative Criteria, of the Housing Facilities Provided for Industrial Arts in Three Senior High Schools and Four Junior High Schools Located at Beaumont, Texas
Rushing, Irvin M.
Primary view of The Effectiveness of Sociometric Grouping in Improving the Social Status of Rejected Girls in Eighth-grade Homemaking Classes
Bissell, Mary Elvira
August 1953
Primary view of A Determination of the Number of Trials for a Valid Measure of Two Selected Skills
Fergason, Wanda D.
August 1965
Primary view of The Relationship between Identifiable Attributes and Decision-Making Ability of Purchasing Personnel as Measured by the Results of a Management Game
Ellis, Norman Dean, 1933-
May 1973