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Primary view of Preferences Shown by One Hundred Children in Each of the First, Third, and Fifth Grades of the Gladewater, Texas, Elementary School in Illustrating Six Types of Nature Poems
Fawcett, Genevieve
August 1939
Primary view of To Determine the Status of Sex Education of High School Seniors
Knowles, Winlon
August 1940
Primary view of The Place of Office Practice in the High School
Conlee, Rosser Elaine
Primary view of Physical Education as an Element in the Personal and Social Readjustment of the Problem Child in Gladewater, Texas
Wake, Dorothy M.
Primary view of Remedial Reading in a First-Grade Section of the Gladewater Elementary School
Milner, Abbie Ernestine
Primary view of Art as a Tool in a Fifth-Grade Guidance Program
Collins, Winny
Primary view of A History of the First State Bank of Gladewater, Texas, and Its Economic Relationship with the Community
McLean, Billy B.
June 1948
Primary view of A History of the Kilgore College
Bradford, Q. L.
August 1948
Primary view of The Influence of Audio-Visual Aids in Eighth-Grade Social Studies
Moore, Mary Frances Ferguson
Primary view of A Study of the Stressed Back Vowels in the Speech of Gregg County, Texas
Bradford, Frances R.
Primary view of Community Leadership and Economic Growth
Jones, Hubert Kelly
December 1970
Primary view of The Relationship between Shorthand Achievement and Two Plans of Homework in Shorthand
Pankhurst, Barbara Elaine, 1940-
August 1972