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Primary view of Methods of County Financing in Relation to County Government in Texas
Yoakum, Gladys A.
Primary view of Evaluating a Junior High School Program in Relation to Purposes
Robinson, William C.
Primary view of Evaluation of an Activity Program
McClendon, Carl K.
Primary view of A History of the Schools of Cooke County, Texas
O'Brien, Randolph
August 1944
Primary view of A History of the Cooke County Library, Gainesville, Texas
Self, Hazel
May 1945
Primary view of Reading Interests of Students of Newsome Dougherty Memorial High School, Gainesville, Texas, in the School Year 1944-1945
Young, Martha Ruth
Primary view of Follow-Up of Business Graduates of Gainesville Junior College, Gainsville, Texas
Howton, David E.
August 1946
Primary view of An Analysis of Scientific Learning in Growing Silkworms
Roberts, Odessa Hensley
Primary view of A Comparison of Gainesville Junior High School with the Accepted Standards for Junior High School Outline
Moore, Walter Travis
Primary view of Responsibility of the Secondary School for the Social Development of its Students
Baxter, Billie Otella
Primary view of A Study of the Modern Philosophy and Modern Psychology of Education
Clements, Bess
Primary view of A Study of Vegetable Consumption and Vegetable Likes and Dislikes of Pupils in the J. M. Lindsay Elementary School, Gainesville, Texas
Blanton, Adeline Piott
Primary view of The Role of the Administrator in the High School Guidance Program
Wilson, W. Andrew
Primary view of A Study of One Hundred Texas State Training School Girls at Gainesville, Texas, to Determine the Major Factors in Juvenile Delinquency
Crews, Rachel Melvina
Primary view of An Analysis and Evaluation of the Recreation Program of the Callisburg Public School and Community
Welch, Virgil L.
Primary view of Electricity in Rural Areas of North Texas
Greathouse, Charles Simmons
January 1949
Primary view of Grouping First Graders in Gainesville Schools
Doty, Lillian
Primary view of A History of the Newsome Dougherty Memorial High School of Gainesville, Texas
Wilson, Roy P.
Primary view of Identifiable Factors Which May Cause Delinquency Among Children of Elementary Age in Gainesville, Texas
Gudgell, Arie Allen
Primary view of Follow-up of Business Graduates of Gainesville High School, Gainesville, Texas
Moore, Audra Knight
Primary view of An Investigation to Determine Improvement in the Social Status of Children Through Concetrated Effort
Atkins, Thelma
Primary view of Some Morphological Aspects of the Speech of Cooke County, Texas
Holman, Ruth Louise
Primary view of A Study of Some of the Variables as Related to Peer Acceptance at the State Training School for Girls, Gainesville, Texas
Weber, Louis C.
June 1950
Primary view of The Development of the Oil Industry in Cooke County
Porter, Amy T.
August 1950