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Primary view of Nutrition Knowledge and Attitudes of Students in Four-Year Hospitality Programs
Bruce, Agnes R. (Agnes Rodriguez)
May 1993
Primary view of Children's Inferences Based on Brand Personality
Overstreet, Kay L.
December 1993
Primary view of A Survey of Two-Year And Four-Year Hospitality Management Programs To Describe Characteristics of Hotel Front Office Management Courses
Chiang, Rhu-rong
December 1993
Primary view of Assessment of Essential Competencies in the Hospitality Industry
Ole-Sein, Kone
August 1994
Primary view of Influences on the Hispanic Woman's Selection of Work and Social Activity Apparel
Sifuentes, D. Ileana
August 1994
Primary view of The Effect of Demographics on Customer Expectations for Service Quality in the Lodging Industry
Kniatt, Nancy L. (Nancy Louise)
August 1995
Primary view of Image of Apparel Retail Stores by Shopping Environment, Price, and Fashion Innovativeness
Smith, Phillip Kerry
August 1995
Primary view of Service Quality and the Small Apparel Speciality Store : Perceptions of Female Consumers
Knight, Delores Kay
December 1995
Primary view of Characteristics of Four-Year Baccalaureate Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management Programs
Kirby, Allison D. (Allison Dawn)
August 1996
Primary view of Managerial Attitudes Toward Business Regulation: the Arlington Smoking Ordinance
Lindly, Ronald B. (Ronald Brian)
August 1996
Primary view of A Comparison of Nutrition Topics and Teaching Methods in Hospitality Management Programs in the United States and International Schools
Chen, Fei, 1965-
August 1997
Primary view of Marketing Strategies for Bed and Breakfast Operations
Lee, So Yon
May 1999
Primary view of Hospitality Students' Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions toward Learning and Using Computer Technology
Chuvessiriporn, Suttichai
December 1999
Primary view of Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) as an Exit Strategy for Inn Owners
Spielman, Daniel L.
May 2000
Primary view of Consumer Attitude Towards Branded Quick-Service Foods on Domestic Coach Class In-Flight Menus
Mills, Juline
August 2000
Primary view of Consumers' Behavioral Intentions Regarding Online Shopping
Kumar, Shefali
August 2000
Primary view of Strategic Alliance Between a Bed & Breakfast Inn and a Restaurateur: Impact on Net Income of the Bed & Breakfast Inn
Filler, Eunice Jeraldine
August 2000
Primary view of Supply chain relationships in apparel retail product development.
Lee, Daton
May 2002
Primary view of A Comparison of Mall Shopping Behavior Between Hispanic-Americans and Anglo-Americans
Sanchez, Marissa R.
August 2002
Primary view of The impact of U.S. quick service on the health and patronage of Chinese urban consumers.
Zhang, Jiaoyan
August 2003
Primary view of The impact of leisure travelers' characteristics on hotel Website attributes preference.
Zhang, Li
December 2004
Primary view of Exploring Lifestyle Orientation, Attitudes Toward Lifestyle Merchandising, and Attitudes Toward Lifestyle Advertising as Predictors of Behavioral Intention to Purchase Lifestyle Home Furnishing Products
Wilbanks, Jennifer Kay
May 2005
Primary view of Nutritional Labeling on Menus in Full-Service Restaurants: Consumer Attitudes and Intended Usage
Foster, Charles R.
August 2005
Primary view of Customer Perceptions of Fairness in Hotel Revenue Management.
Sanghavi, Punit
December 2005