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Primary view of Applying Democratic Principles to Social Studies Practices
Armstrong, Vernon L.
Primary view of Development and Evaluation of Teacher Retirement Systems in the United States
Robertson, Martha Fairfax
Primary view of An Evaluation of Parent-Teacher Associations in the Second District of Texas
Sargent, Georgia
Primary view of The Incidence of Non-Promotion in the Intermediate Grades of the Elementary School and some of its Relationships
Morgan, Blanche Petty
Primary view of Initiating, Developing, and Evaluating a Sound School Council for a Small High School
Taylor, Thomas Wayne
Primary view of The Responsibility of the Primary School in the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency
Parrish, Bessie May
Primary view of Responsibility of the Secondary School for the Social Development of its Students
Baxter, Billie Otella
Primary view of The Role of the Teacher in the Health Service Program of the Elementary Schools of Dallas, Texas
Williams, Beatrice Mabry
Primary view of A Source Reference for the Study of the Petroleum Industry and its Terminology Especially for the Ector County School System
Smith, Evelyn M.
Primary view of A Study of Pupil Failures as they Exist in the Senior High School of Stamford, Texas
Flemins, Mabel Bryan
Primary view of To Determine the Effect of Certain Environmental Conditions upon Study
Daniel, Artie Arwell
Primary view of The Use of Auditory and Visual Aids in Eighty Public Schools of Texas
Fagg, James Noel
Primary view of Education in Ellis County, Texas
Parker, Wilna
August 1947
Primary view of The Administration of the Guidance Program for Secondary Schools
Hillyer, Martha B.
January 1948
Primary view of Classroom Environmental Control in Smith County
Rosson, Mattie Lowe
Primary view of A Comparative Study between the Achievement Test Results and Teacher Ratings Assigned Boys and Those Received by Girls of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grades in the Stonewall Jackson School, Denton, Texas
McPherson, Pat Clark
Primary view of Effectiveness of the American Junior Red Cross
Maffett, Callie
Primary view of Evaluating the Use of Comics in Teaching Fundamentals in Sixth Grade Arithmetic
Davis, Arvil E.
Primary view of Evaluation of a Need and Organization of Guidance in the Sanger Public School
Habern, Reo C.
Primary view of The Growth and Trends of the Social Studies Curriculum in the Schools of Texas from 1886 to 1948
Cade, Albert Guy
Primary view of Relation of Objectives and Techniques in Teaching the Social Studies to Adolescents
Petty, Iva Gertrude
Primary view of The Relationship of Hearing to School Achievement
Skelton, Zenobia
Primary view of A Study of the Reliability and Validity of a Sociometric Scale on the Elementary School Level
Cox, John Arlington, Jr.
Primary view of To Determine the Value of a Cumulative Record in a Guidance Program
Smith, Carrye Cornelia