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Primary view of Interaction as a Means for Attaining Social Acceptance
Brooks, Franklin R.
August 1971
Primary view of Shaping Appropriate Verbal Responses in a Social Situation With a Withdrawn Retarded Adolescent
Thompson, James N.
May 1973
Primary view of Effects of Amount of Postshift Training on Resistance to Extinction
Wheeler, Royce Lee
May 1974
Primary view of Intersensory Transfer of a Learned Shape Discrimination
Taylor, Ronald D.
August 1974
Primary view of Precluding the S- in Establishing Color Discriminations in Autistic Children
Buck, Raymond W.
May 1975
Primary view of How Much Do Self-Disclosers Reveal to Professional Groups?
Lankford, Charles P.
December 1976
Primary view of Learned Helplessness and Internal-External Locus of Control in the Elderly
Hamrick, Narecia D.
December 1976
Primary view of A Self-Control Approach to Weight Control
Gardner, Jimmy N.
December 1976
Primary view of Conceptual Structure of HIV+ Women With PTSD: Trauma Construct Elaboration
Jones, Deborah (Deborah Lynne), 1958-
August 1998