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Primary view of The Effect of Comparative Well-Being on the Perceived Risk Construct: a Study of the Purchase of Apparel
McConkey, C. William (Charles William)
December 1987
Primary view of An Empirical Study on the Use of Promotion in Hospitals
Gopalakrishna, Pradeep
December 1988
Primary view of An Exploratory Empirical Investigation of Information Processing among Incubator-Housed Manufacturers during Channel Member Selection
Fontenot, Gwen F.
December 1988
Primary view of Determinants of the Magnitude of Foreign Direct Investment: An Analysis of Korean Manufacturing MNCs
Kim, Seong-Soo
December 1993
Primary view of An Investigation of the Perception of Delivered Quality at Different Levels of Organizational Hierarchy in Services
Getty, Juliet M. (Juliet Margolin)
December 1993
Primary view of Retail Crowding: Impact of Merchandise Density on Store Image
Paden, Nita L. (Nita Lynn)
December 1993
Primary view of The Eclectic Paradigm of Salesperson Compensation: a New Framework for Investigating the Role of Salary versus Commission
Massad, Victor J. (Victor James)
December 1995