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Primary view of The Legal Authority and Limitations of Teachers Contracts
Bryant, Alton Morris
August 1938
Primary view of Education on America's Last Frontier (Alaska)
Garner, Martha Marie Gough
Primary view of Liability of Texas Municipalities Under Torts For Construction, Maintenance and Repair of Streets and Sidewalks
Waits, Edwin Bill
Primary view of National Defense Training Programs of the Federal Security Agency in Texas
Hitt, Harold H.
Primary view of A Position-Classification Plan in the Public Service Contrasted with Position-Classification in a State Institution of Higher Learning
Crow, Herman L.
Primary view of An Analysis of the Operation of Title I of the Federal Housing Administration Act
Granstaff, Shelie Monroe
Primary view of Tendencies Away from Democracy
Griffin, Ernest R.
Primary view of Judicial Interpretation of School Law in Texas with Emphasis on School District and Municipal Relations
Splawn, C. Wayne
June 1947
Primary view of Audio-Visual Aids and the Teaching of Texas State Government
Baker, Riley Ellis
Primary view of An Evaluation of the House Un-American Activities Committee with Conclusions and Recommendations as to its Future Value
Boyd, Will C.
Primary view of Wartime Wage Stabilization
Whitaker, Ruth Nell
Primary view of Transmission into Legislation of Political Promises of Texas Governors from 1914 to 1943
Nunn, William H.
August 1948
Primary view of Professionalism in Teacher Unionism
Baker, Robert Buckner
Primary view of The Texas Reformatory System with Emphasis on the Gatesville School for Boys
Johnson, Samuel Maurice
January 1949
Primary view of The Legislative Origins of the Marshall Plan
Garcia, Antonio
August 1949
Primary view of Legal Principles and Practices in the Consolidation of School Districts in Texas
Howell, Hewell Howard
Primary view of An Inquiry into the Factors Affecting the Outcome of the 1948 Presidential Election with the Situations in the States of Illinois, Ohio, and California Subject to Special Emphasis
Raupe, Buell C.
August 1950
Primary view of An Analysis of the Trend Away from the Traditional Democratic Party in Texas Presidential Elections, 1932-1948
Barnebey, Malcolm Richard
Primary view of The Nature and Scope of the Treaty-Making Power
Foshee, Donald A.
Primary view of Religious Freedom of Jehovah's Witnesses
Meadows, E. H.
Primary view of The Systematic Exclusion of Negroes from Jury Service
Cogdill, John L.
Primary view of Legislative Trends in the Delegation of School Powers in Texas
Light, Robert W.
August 1951
Primary view of A Study of the Government's Loyalty and Security Programs
Johnagin, L. A
Primary view of Campaign Tactics of the Arkansas Gubernatorial Elections as Revealed by the 1948, 1950 and 1952 Campaigns
Crane, Billy G.
February 1953