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Primary view of Digitization of Government Information
American Library Association. Government Documents Round Table. Ad Hoc Committee on Digitization Of Government Information.
June 14, 2002
Primary view of Focus Group Report: ALA, Chicago, June, 2005
Murray, Kathleen R.
February 14, 2005
Primary view of Free Culture and the Digital Library Symposium Proceedings 2005
Halbert, Martin; Finegan, Carrie & Skinner, Katherine
October 14, 2005
Primary view of Focus Group Report: University of North Texas - Denton - August 2005
Murray, Kathleen R. & Hsieh, Inga K.
February 14, 2006
Primary view of Introduction to Metadata
Tarver, Hannah
April 14, 2010
Primary view of Graphic Editing for the Non-Techie: Using Photoshop or Free Programs
Hoffman, Starr
May 14, 2010
Primary view of Stop Using Cheesy Clip Art: Designing Better Graphics
Hoffman, Starr
May 14, 2010
Primary view of Resource Discovery Systems at the UNT Libraries
Phillips, Mark Edward; Weng, Neena; Thomale, Jason & Hicks, William
September 14, 2011
Primary view of Collaborative Approach to Address Scholarly Communications and Digital Curation Challenges
Helge, Kris; Waugh, Laura & Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw
June 14, 2013
Primary view of Newspaper Preservation through Collaboration and Communication: The Texas Digital Newspaper Program
Krahmer, Ana & Phillips, Mark Edward
August 14, 2013
Primary view of The Evolving Landscape of Scholarly Communication: Stakeholders' Roles in a Global Ecosystem
Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw & Hawkins, Kevin S.
November 14, 2014
Primary view of An Exploratory Study of the Description Field in the Digital Public Library of America
Tarver, Hannah; Zavalina, Oksana & Phillips, Mark Edward
October 14, 2016
Primary view of Sustaining your Organization’s Future: Mentoring and Succession Planning in Libraries
Leuzinger, Julie & Rowe, Jennifer
March 14, 2018