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Comments on "A Neurobiological Model for Near-Death Experiences"

Description: Article presenting commentary on a neurobiological model proposed by Juan C. Saavedra-Aguilar and Juan S. Gómez-Jeria, which discusses the clinical similarities between temporal lobe seizures and near-death experiences (NDEs). Dr. Morse presents notes regarding his own research with colleagues based on similarities with various neurotransmitters.
Date: Summer 1989
Creator: Morse, Melvin L.

Journal of Near-Death Studies, Volume 7, Number 4, Summer 1989

Description: Quarterly journal publishing papers related to near-death experiences, including research reports; theoretical or conceptual statements; expressions of a scientific, philosophic, religious, or historical perspective on the study of near-death experiences; cross-cultural studies; individual case histories; and personal accounts of experiences or related phenomena. Index to volume 7 starts on page 273.
Date: Summer 1989
Creator: Greyson, Bruce

A Neurobiological Model for Near-Death Experiences

Description: Article presenting a neurobiological model for near-death experiences (NDEs) in an attempt to correlate the biological and psychological domains. This model is based on temporal lobe dysfunction, hypoxia/ischemia, stress, and neuropeptide/neurotransmitter imbalance.
Date: Summer 1989
Creator: Saavedra-Aguilar, Juan C. & Gomez-Jeria, Juan S.