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Impacts of Comprehensive Climate and Energy Policy Options on the U.S. Economy

Description: This study compiles and updates the findings of 16 comprehensive state climate action plans and extrapolates the results to the nation. The study then takes those results and using a widely accepted econometric model projects the national impact of these policies on employment, incomes, gross domestic product (GDP) and consumer energy prices. Finally, using the bottom-up data developed by the states and aggregated here, the study models the national impact of major features of the Kerry-Lieberman climate bill under consideration in Congress in 2010. These state action plans and supporting assessments were proposed by over 1,500 stakeholders and technical work group experts appointed by 16 governors and state legislatures to address climate, energy and economic needs through comprehensive, fact-based, consensus-driven, climate action planning processes conducted over the past five years with facilitative and technical assistance by the Center for Climate Strategies. Findings show potential national improvements from implementation of a top set of 23 major sector-based policies and measures drawn from state plans.
Date: July 2010
Creator: Center for Climate Strategies

Filial Therapy with Native Americans on the Flathead Reservation

Description: This study was designed to determine the effectiveness of the 10-week filial therapy model as an intervention for Native American parents and their children residing on the Flathead Reservation in Montana. Filial therapy is an approach used by play therapists to train parents to be therapeutic agents with their own children. Parents are taught basic child-centered play therapy skills and practice those skills during weekly play sessions with their children. The purpose of this study was to determine if filial therapy is effective in: 1) increasing parental acceptance of Native Americans residing on the Flathead Reservation of their children; 2) reducing the stress level of those parents; 3) improving empathic behaviors of those parents toward their children; 4) changing the play behaviors of children with their parents who participated in the training; and, 5) enhancing the self-concept of those children. The experimental group parents (N=11) received 10 weekly 2-hour filial therapy training sessions and participated in weekly 30-minute play sessions with one of their children. The control group (N=10) received no treatment during the 10 weeks. All adult participants completed the Porter Parental Acceptance Scale and the Parenting Stress Index. Child participants completed the Joseph Pre-school and Primary Self Concept Screening Test. Parent and child participants were videotaped playing together in 20-minute videotaped play sessions before and after the training to measure empathic behavior in parent-child interactions and desirable play behaviors in children. Analyses of Covariance revealed that the Native American parents in the experimental group significantly increased their level of empathy in their interactions with their children. Experimental group children significantly increased their level of desirable play behaviors with their parents. Although parental acceptance, parental stress, and children's self concept did not improve significantly, all measures indicated positive trends. In addition, this study gives rise to questions regarding the ...
Date: May 1996
Creator: Glover, Geraldine J.

Getting It On Home: Ways of Telling the Story

Description: In this collection of poems and essays, the author demonstrates two different methods for examining the same theme: the notion of "home"—how to get there, how to remain there and bear articulate witness to the forces which drive that author to write. The introduction sets forth an explanation for the use of the specific form chosen for expression, with an analysis of the intent behind that form. In these essays and poems, the author accounts for her years on the Texas Panhandle, in Montana, and a year spent teaching in Prague, Czechoslovakia. These locations furnish the moments and incidents of conflict and resolution that make up the dramatic incidents of the included material.
Date: May 1996
Creator: Vanek, Mary

The Effects of Freshet Turbidity on Selected Aspects of the Biogeochemistry and the Trophic Status of Flathead Lake, Montana U.S.A.

Description: The present study sought to falsify three distinct hypotheses about how the interactions of freshet clay turbidity with Flathead Lake may be affecting its trophic state: 1) that freshet-derived turbidity causes precipitation of organic detritus from the water column by flocculation and/or coagulation of dissolved and colloidal organic carbon and seston; 2) that flocculated clay-organic detritus complexes become increasingly infested with microbial biomass as they sink through the water column; and 3) that primary productivity is reduced and subsequently maintained at low levels throughout the summer and fall because of the phosphorus stripping action of sedimenting clay particles. In addition, this study attempted to firmly document mass balances for some ecologically important elements, nutrient loading rates, steady state nutrient concentrations and annual lake primary productivity. It was also necessary to assess the trophic status of the lake in light of any new findings from this research, especially related to the ecological role of freshet turbidity.
Date: August 1983
Creator: Stuart, Tom J.

Comparative Ecology of Benthic Communities in Natural and Regulated Areas of the Flathead and Kootenai Rivers, Montana

Description: A comparative study was made of environmental variables and the density, biomass, diversity, and species composition of macroinvertebrates in areas downstream from a dam with a hypolimnetic release (Hungry Horse Dam on the Flathead River) and a dam with a selective withdrawal system (Libby Dam on the Kootenai River). A major objective of this study was to examine the response of macroinvertebrate communities to defined environmental gradients in temperature, flow, substrate, and food-related variables (periphyton, particulate organic carbon in the seston). In addition, the effects of experimental manipulations in discharge on macroinvertebrate drift and stranding were assessed, and the effects of temperature on the growth rates and emergence of five species of insects were measured.
Date: May 1984
Creator: Perry, Sue A.

Size Fractionation of Metabolically Active Phytoplankton and Bacteria in Two Diverse Lentic Systems

Description: Simultaneous size fractionation of plankton populations associated with NaH^14CO_3 and ^3H-glucose uptake was employed in eutrophic Lake Texoma (Texas and Oklahoma) and oligotrophic Flathead Lake (Montana). Autoradiography was utilized to determine the role of specific microorganisms in community metabolism. Ultraplankton (0.45-10 μm) dominated plankton numbers and metabolic activity in both aquatic systems. Many of the most abundant species were not the most productive, in terms of inorganic C fixation. Rates of heterotrophic uptake of ^3H-glucose were small in comparison to photolithotrophic uptake in both lakes, Photoheterotrophy was more extensive in Flathead Lake, Autoradiographs indicated that bacteria were responsible for observed photoheterotrophy. Oscillatoria sp. exhibited. mixotrophy in Lake Texoma,
Date: August 1980
Creator: Ellis, Bonnie K.

The Operation of Centralized Purchasing for the State-Supported Institutions of the State of Texas and Selected States

Description: The investigator made a study of the history, philosophy, method, and operation of centralized purchasing as it now exists for the state-supported institutions in the State of Texas and other selected states (New Hampshire, Montana, Michigan, Nebraska, and Minnesota).
Date: June 1950
Creator: Duckworth, Earl Mead

Guest Editorial: Thomas Kuhn Revisited: Near Death Studies and Paradigm Shifts

Description: Article purporting that near-death studies can be viewed within a theoretical framework of "paradigms" and "paradigm shifts" as explicated by Thomas Kuhn. Assuming the validity of Kuhn's model, it hypothesizes that the paradigm of today's "normal science" is shifting to a new paradigm to accommodate data from near-death studies.
Date: Autumn 1990
Creator: Serdahely, William J.

A Comparison of Retrospective Accounts of Childhood Near-Death Experiences with Contemporary Pediatric Near-Death Experience Accounts

Description: Study comparing five childhood near-death experiences (NDEs) reported by adults and another five NDEs reported by minors, in terms of Ring's five NDE stages, Greyson's four NDE components, Moody and Perry's 12 NDE traits, Sabom's 16 general characteristics, and Gallup and Proctor's 10 basic positive experiences.
Date: Summer 1991
Creator: Serdahely, William J.

Variations from the Prototypic Near-Death Experience: The "Individually Tailored" Hypothesis

Description: Study of firsthand accounts of near-death experiences (NDEs), which revealed a number of variations from the prototypic NDE description, including feeling judged during a life review, seeing a nondeceased friend in the tunnel, experiencing no pain upon returning to the physical body, and crossing a barrier before being sent back.
Date: Spring 1995
Creator: Serdahely, William J.

The Near-Death Experience: An Integration of Cultural, Spiritual, and Physical Perspectives

Description: Article exploring two conflicting perspectives: that the near-death experience (NDE) is a glimpse into an after-death state and that it is the result of a dying brain, as well as a third perspective that NDEs are culturally determined. The author proposes an integrated model in which all three perspectives are viewed with equal weight.
Date: Autumn 1999
Creator: Paulson, Daryl S.

Pediatric Near-Death Experiences

Description: Article reviewing one previously reported and three new pediatric near-death experiences (NDEs), in which the experiencers were interviewed as children, and which suggests that the childhood core NDE as described by Melvin Morse and colleagues may be expanded to include feeling pain-free, seeing a light at the tunnel's end, entering the light, and time alteration.
Date: Autumn 1990
Creator: Serdahely, William J.

Loving Help from the Other Side: A Mosaic of Some Near-Death, and Near-Death-Like, Experiences

Description: Article purporting that persons who have Stage 5 or Transcendental near-death experience frequently report they were given a message that they should be more loving and helpful to others upon returning to their bodies. On the other hand, some persons who have had near-death, or near-death-like, experiences report receiving loving help from "the other side." The author proposes that these reports are evidence that the other side "practices what it preaches."
Date: Spring 1992
Creator: Serdahely, William J.