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The Resistance to Belief

Description: Article exploring situations, using a recent near-death experience (NDE) example, in which there are reasonable evidence and logic, and yet belief seems to be withheld. The author postulates and discusses nonrational influences producing resistance to belief, including the fear of being in error, the fear of rejection from the scientific community, irrational requirements of logicality, avoidance of consequences, and paradigm fixation, as well as discussing issues in philosophy of science and epistemology in regard to proof.
Date: Winter 2002
Creator: Hastings, Arthur

Physically Transcendent Awareness: A Comparison of the Phenomenology of Consciousness Before Birth and After Death

Description: Article discussing veridical evidence of a physically transcendent source of consciousness, which comes from both extremes of the life span when central nervous system functioning is compromised, suggesting that some form of personhood can exist independently of known cellular processes associated with the body.
Date: Summer 1998
Creator: Wade, Jenny