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Evangelicals and Social Change: The Social Thought of Three British Evangelical Preachers, 1850-1900

Description: This study deals with the issue of social control and evangelical preaching from 1850 to 1900. It responds to scholarship which has argued that nineteenth-century English Christianity used religion to avoid making social changes. This investigation builds upon the corrective work of E. R. Norman and Peter d'A. Jones through an intensive examination of the theological and social views of leading preachers from three different channels of evangelical religion. The principal sources of data are the pastoral messages, sermons, special addresses, and essays of the three men who are the focal point of this study. Other sources include memoirs, biographies, and church records.
Date: December 1982
Creator: Ratledge, Wilbert H. (Wilbert Harold)

Britain and the Supreme Economic Council 1919

Description: This dissertation attempts to determine what Britain expected from participation in the Supreme Economic Council (SEC) of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference and to what extent its expectations were realized. An investigation of available sources reveals that access to European markets and raw materials and a balance of power to prevent French, German, or Russian hegemony in Europe were British foreign policy goals that SEC delegates sought to advance. Primary sources for this study include unpublished British Foreign Office and Cabinet records, published British, United States, and German government documents, unpublished personal papers of people directing SEC efforts, such as David Lloyd George, Austen Chamberlain, Cecil Harmsworth, Harry Osborne Mance, and John Maynard Keynes, and published memoirs and accounts of persons who were directly or indirectly involved with the SEC. Secondary accounts include biographies and histories or studies of the Peace Conference and of countries affected by its work. Primarily concerned with the first half of 1919, this dissertation focuses on British participation in Inter-allied war-time economic efforts, in post-war Rhineland control, in the creation of the SEC, and in the SEC endeavors of revictualling Germany, providing food and medical relief for eastern Europe, and reconstructing European communications. It concludes with Britain's role in the attempt to convert the SEC into an International Economic Council in the last half of 1919 and with the transfer of SEC duties to the Reparations Commission and to the League of Nations. Through participation in the SEC, Britain led in negotiating the Brussels Agreement and in establishing the Rhineland Commission and the German Economic Commission, reversing French attempts to control the Rhenish economy, preventing French hegemony in Europe, and gaining access to German markets for British goods. Although it failed to achieve its goals of strong eastern European states and access to markets and ...
Date: December 1987
Creator: Scogin, Katie Elizabeth

To the Berlin Games the Olympic Movement in Germany from 1896-1936

Description: This thesis examines Imperial, Weimar, and Nazi Germany's attempt to use the Berlin Olympic Games to bring its citizens together in national consciousness and simultaneously enhance Germany's position in the international community. The sources include official documents issued by both the German and American Olympic Committees as well as newspaper reports of the Olympic proceedings. This eight chapter thesis discusses chronologically the beginnings of the Olympic movement in Imperial Germany, its growth during the Weimar and Nazi periods, and its culmination in the 1936 Berlin Games. Each German government built and improved upon the previous government's Olympic experiences with the National Socialist regime of Adolf Hitler reaping the benefits of forty years of German Olympic participation and preparation.
Date: May 1984
Creator: Durick, William Gerard