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A Survey of Intramural Sports Programs for High School Students in the Four Largest Metropolitan School Districts in Texas

Description: The purposes of this study were to determine whether intramural sports programs are available to senior high school students in the four largest metropolitan school districts in Texas and to determine reasons why schools may not offer intramural programs. Questionnaires were mailed to eighty-four high schools in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio Independent School Districts. Data obtained from this survey revealed that a majority of the responding schools do not sponsor intramural sports programs for their students. The factors cited most often as the reasons for not sponsoring intramural programs were lack of facilities, inadequate number of personnel, lack of transportation, and conflict with interscholastic sports.
Date: December 1978
Creator: Miller, Diane Marie

Attitudes and Integration: A Survey of Selected Texas Camp Directors

Description: This investigation dealt with the relationships between three main variables: (1) a camp director's prior experience with handicapped individuals and in the field of recreation; (2) a camp director's attitudes toward handicapped persons and their integration into regular camp settings; and (3) a camp director's perception of barriers to integration. The study was carried out via a mail-out questionnaire to 149 Texas camp directors. A return rate of 51% was achieved (66 returned surveys). Questionnaires were scored, and the data were punched on computer cards for analysis. The analysis indicated high reliability of the attitude and barrier scales. Results of the correlational analyses indicated a significant relationship (p = .0001) between a camp director's attitudes and his/her perception of barriers to integration.
Date: August 1981
Creator: Hanson, Carol M. (Carol Mary)

A Study of the Purposes and Problems of Industrial Recreation Chapters of the National Industrial Recreation Association

Description: The National Industrial Recreation Association has recently created local Chapters to facilitate the needs of recreation professionals at the local level. The purpose of this study was twofold: first, to describe characteristics of the existing Chapters and compare their operational procedures; secondly, to determine problems and assess means for overcoming these problems in the establishment of Chapters. The data collection methodology choses for this study was a questionnaire. Results were tabulated in six question areas dealing with the operational procedures of Chapters and the barriers prohibiting the establishment of new Chapters. Through participation in Chapters, recreators can fulfill many of their own needs as well as contribute to the advancement of the industrial recreation profession.
Date: August 1981
Creator: Shonberg, Lisa G. (Lisa Gaye)

The Development of a Leisure Knowledge Test

Description: The purposes of this study were to develop an instrument to measure knowledge of leisure opportunities, and determine the reliability of the instrument. Subjects included 292 orthopedically impaired, nine to fourteen year old children. A multiple-choice format is used. The content is based on four domains. These are entertainment, games, sports, and arts and crafts. The domains are subcategorized into who, where, what, when, and cost of activities. The Kuder-Richardson formula 20 showed a reliability coefficient of .81. The Pearson, point biserial correlation was used to determine item-test correlations. Correlations below .20 were revised. Items with a difficulty level of 70 percent and above were also revised. The results indicated that the instrument had been successfully developed.
Date: August 1981
Creator: Forsyth, Patty S. (Patty Sue)