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Partially Ordered Groups and Rings

Description: This report presents both the most essential known results and new results in the theory of partially ordered groups and rings. This report deals with partially ordered groups and rings in an algebraic aspect because it is more important than partially ordered, fully ordered and lattice-ordered semigroup theory.
Date: August 1968
Creator: Lott, Kenneth L.

Spaces of H-Integrable Functions

Description: In this thesis we consider integrals of a certain class of interval functions. Specifically we consider a nondegenerate number interval [a,b], a real valued function m, defined and nondecreasing on [a,b], and the set Hm, of real valued functions f, defined on [a,b] such that: 1) f(a)=0; 2) for each subinterval [p,q] of [a,b], if m(q)-m(p)=0, then f(q)-f(p)=0; and 3) the set of all sums of the form Σ(Δf)2/Δm for subdivisions D of [a,b] is bounded above.
Date: May 1968
Creator: Wittenmyer, Eugene L.

Continuous Solutions of Laplace's Equation in Two Variables

Description: In mathematical physics, Laplace's equation plays an especially significant role. It is fundamental to the solution of problems in electrostatics, thermodynamics, potential theory and other branches of mathematical physics. It is for this reason that this investigation concerns the development of some general properties of continuous solutions of this equation.
Date: May 1968
Creator: Johnson, Wiley A.

A Study of Functions on Metric Spaces

Description: This thesis describes various forms of metric spaces and establishes some of the properties of functions defined on metric spaces. No attempt is made in this paper to examine a particular type of function in detail. Instead, some of properties of several kinds of functions will be observed as the functions are defined on various forms of metric spaces such as connected spaces, compact spaces, complete spaces, etc.
Date: January 1968
Creator: Brice, Richard S.

Polynomial Curve and Surface Fitting

Description: The main problems of numerical analysis involve performing analytical operations, such as integration, differentiation, finding zeroes, interpolation, and so forth, of a function when all the data available are some samples of the function. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to investigate the following problem: given a set of data points (x[sub i], y[sub i]) which are samples of some function, determine an approximating function. Further, extend the problem to that of determining an approximating function for a surface given some samples (x[sub i], y[sub j], z[sub ij]) of the surface.
Date: January 1968
Creator: Capps, Ann Dowdy