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Web-Based Survey Research Consent Letter

Description: This letter is part of the Web-at-Risk project. The letter introduces participants to what the Web-at-Risk project is and what the study hopes to accomplish.
Date: May 31, 2005
Creator: Murray, Kathleen R.

Letter to the Editor: The Life Review in Childhood NDEs

Description: Letter written to the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies discussing research on childhood near-death experiences (NDEs) and the extent to which they include a "life review."
Date: Spring 1985
Creator: Henderson, Leigh

Letters to the Editor: On the Mind/Body Problem

Description: Letter from V. Krishnan to editor replying to a previously published article to the potentially dualist nature of the mind and body.
Date: Winter 1994
Creator: Krishnan, V. & Arnette, J. Kenneth

Letters to the Editor: A Theory of Death

Description: Letter from V. Krishnan to the editor discussing a theory of death and reincarnation that implies a process amenable to empirical investigation.
Date: Winter 1990
Creator: Krishnan, V. & Cook, Roger B.