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Primary view of Cassette Systems for Creating Intergeneric Hybrid ATCases
Simpson, Luci N.
December 1999
Primary view of Cell-Free Recovery and Isotopic Identification of Cyanide Degrading Enzymes from Pseudomonas Fluorescens
Wang, Chien-Sao
December 1995
Primary view of Cloning of Carbonic Anhydrase from Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
Local, Andrea
December 1998
Primary view of Comparative Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Diversity in Isolated and Open Populations of Southern Flying Squirrels
Cook, Melaney Birdsong
August 1999
Primary view of Construction of a Cloning Vector Based upon a Rhizobium Plasmid Origin of Replication and its Application to Genetic Engineering of Rhizobium Strains
Jeong, Pyengsoo
May 1992
Primary view of DNA Typing of HLA-B by PCR with Primer Mixes Utilizing Sequence-Specific Primers
Chiu, Angela Chen-Yen
August 1997
Primary view of Isolation and Characterization of the Operon Containing Aspartate Transcarbamoylase and Dihydroorotase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Vickrey, John F. (John Fredrick), 1959-
May 1993
Primary view of Mutagenized HLA DNA Constructs: Tools for Validating Molecular HLA Typing Methodologies
Schulte, Kathleen Q.
May 1999
Primary view of Nucleotide Sequence Determination, Subcloning, Expression and Characterization of the xy1LT Region of the Pseudomonas putida TOL Plasmid pDK1
Baker, Ronald F. (Ronald Fredrick)
December 1992
Primary view of Regulation, Evolution, and Properties of the ato Qperon and its Gene Products in Escherichia coli
Chen, Chaw-Yuan
August 1993
Primary view of Regulation of Colony-Stimulating Factor-1 Biosynthesis
Ku, Chun-Ying
May 1990
Primary view of Structural Analysis of the TOL pDK1 xylGFJQK Region and Partial Characterization of the xylF and xylG Gene Products
Poulter, Melinda D.
December 1999
Primary view of Subcloning and Nucleotide Sequence of the xylO/PUWCMA Region from the Pseudomonas putida TOL Plasmid pDK1
Guigneaux, Michelle M. (Michelle Marie)
December 1997
Primary view of Subcloning and Nucleotide Sequence of Two Positive Acting Regulatory Genes, xy1R and xy1S, from the Pseudomonas putida HS1 TOL Plasmid PDK1
Chang, Teh-Tsai
May 1992