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Primary view of An Analysis of Institutional Distribution of Formula-Generated Funds for Faculty Salaries and Departmental Operating Expenses
Reeves, William E.
August 1973
Primary view of Analysis of Nursing Functions and Preparation
Hogstel, Mildred O.
August 1974
Primary view of An Analysis of the Impact of Private Funding on Selected Texas Public Institutions of Higher Education
Pokorny, Ronald E.
August 1979
Primary view of Attitudes of College and University Presidents and School Superintendents in Member Institutions of Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Toward External Doctoral Degrees and Programs
Mayall, Michael M.
August 1976
Primary view of Clare W. Graves' Levels of Psychological Existence: A Test Design
Hurlbut, Marilyn Anne
August 1979
Primary view of Comparison of Guidelines Scores to Opinions and Use of Learning Resources Services Among Clientele Groups in Selected Metropolitan Community Colleges
Wilson, Larry M.
December 1977
Primary view of The Contributions of George S. Benson to Christian Education
Altman, Ted M.
December 1971
Primary view of Criteria Utilized and Criteria Desired for Granting Appointment, Reappointment, Merit Salary Increases, Promotion in Rank, and Tenure to College and University English Faculty
Bindseil, Kenneth R.
August 1979
Primary view of The Development of a Prototype Computer-Based Modeling System for Analysis of the Sensitivity of Selected Costing Assumptions in an Academic Department
Gose, Frank J.
December 1977
Primary view of The Effect of Group Discussion upon Selected Personality Variables of Student Nurses
Benningfield, Milo F.
May 1974
Primary view of The Effect of Two Levels of Noise, Two Types of Noise, and Anxiety on Student Performance of a Coding Task
Nearing, William E.
August 1978
Primary view of Existing Relationships Between Enrollment Size and Methods of Financial Management in the Public Universities of Texas Participating in the Ad Valorem Tax Fund
Childers, Lloyd Fred
August 1972
Primary view of The Extent to Which Upper-Level Institutions are Uniquely Meeting the Needs of Public Higher Education in Texas
Smith, Lawrence Ray, fl. 1978-
May 1978
Primary view of A Historical Review of the Coordination of Higher Education in Texas
Waddell, Frederick Jackson
August 1972
Primary view of Identification of Basic Characteristics of Managing Higher Education by Objectives
Hedayatnia, Mostafa
August 1977
Primary view of The Image of Nursing and Job Satisfaction of United States Air Force Nurses
Goff, Joseph Henry
May 1973
Primary view of Improving Planning and Programming for Student Development in Higher Education Through the Use of a Needs Survey
Gault, Frank M.
December 1978
Primary view of Perceived Roles of College Financial Aid Directors in Texas
Pace, Charles Edward
May 1974
Primary view of The Perceptions of Student Groups Related to the Assessment of Student Services at North Texas State University
Haslund, Stephen L.
May 1978
Primary view of The Personal, Social, and Academic Adjustment Problems of Arab Students at Selected Texas Institutions of Higher Education
Saleh, Mahmoud A.
December 1979
Primary view of The Programming of Religious Education in Southern Baptist Institutions of Higher Education, 1977-1978
Basden, Edward Jeter
December 1978
Primary view of A Quantitative Description of Texas Public Junior College Boards of Trustees Meetings
Hoskins, Robert L.
May 1972
Primary view of The Relationship Between Motivational Characteristics and Achievement in Alternative Instructional Modes in a Community College Introductory Psychology Course
Hegar, Alylene
August 1977
Primary view of A Study of Perceived Leadership Styles of Administrators Within Selected Colleges and Universities in Texas
Paschall, Morris J.
December 1977