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An Analysis and Production Book for a Staging of Samuel Spewack's Under the Sycamore Tree

Description: It is the purpose of this study to (1) produce a play in an expressionistic style; (2) submit a thesis of analysis; and (3) present the thesis in such a way as to show that an expressionistic style can be applied to a play written for the professional stage in a creative, artistic manner.
Date: August 1967
Creator: Long, Jerry Lyndon

An Analysis of Three Modes of Group Interpretation in the Speech Arts Curriculum

Description: Four objectives guided the research and writing of this thesis. First, there was an attempt to identify and establish specific educational goals for a group interpretation production. Second, there was an effort to describe certain procedures for selecting, adapting, arranging, and presenting a piece of literature to an audience through a group interpretation performance. Third, this thesis attempted to relate the three modes of group interpretation—Choric Interpretation, Readers Theatre, and Chamber Theatre—as a single art form. Fourth, there has been an attempt to suggest specific evaluative criteria and evaluation sheets for group interpretation performances.
Date: August 1968
Creator: Young, Jerry D.

The Effects of a Masking Noise Upon the Performance of a Simple Motor Task Comparing Brain-Injured and Non-Brain-Injured Children

Description: Two questions can be posed for study: 1) Will the effect of auditory masking provided by a clinical noise significantly affect the performance of hearing children on the Knox Cube Test? 2) Are there significant differences among brain-injured, mentally, retarded, and "normal" children in ability to adjust to auditory masking in the performance of the Knox Cube Test?
Date: August 1967
Creator: Moss, Barbara A.

History of the St. Charles Theatre of New Orleans under the Management of David Bidwell, 1880-1888

Description: The objective of this investigation is to compile a chronological history of the St. Charles Theatre of New Orleans from 1880 to 1888, the last successful years of the theatre when it was under the management of David Bidwell. In order to clarify the role of the St. Charles Theatre as it reflected theatre art in New Orleans during the latter quarter of the nineteenth century, special attention will be given to the physical improvements of the theatre, the kind of entertainment provided, the personalities who appeared, and the critical comments of the local newspapers.
Date: May 1969
Creator: Roden, Sally Ann

Mark Twain's Writings on Oral Interpretation

Description: Mark Twain is universally recognized as an important author in American literature, and in addition to his success as an author, he was equally successful as an oral interpreter. His career as an interpreter and lecturer commenced at the age of twelve in Hannibal, Missouri, and in later years expanded to cover the globe. Twain lectured throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, India, South Africa, England, New Zealand, Scotland, and Canada. Throughout his writings, Mark Twain included statements pertaining to his delivery of these lectures and platform readings, and he also included comments on techniques for oral interpretation in general.
Date: June 1965
Creator: Mello, Edward C.

Predictability of the Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities on Visual-Motor Tasks

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine whether or not individual scores derived by the Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities can be used as predictors of performance on visual motor tasks of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children and the Frostig Developmental Test of Visual Perception for a child who has learning problems.
Date: May 1969
Creator: Taylor, Nancy Jane Earls

A Production Book for an Experimental Staging of Nikolai Gogol's The Inspector General

Description: The January 17 and 18, 1966, thesis production presented at North Texas State University was an experimental production of The Inspector General, as based on historical, philosophical, and analytical study of both the play and the author, Nikolai Gogol. A thesis production consists of a written analysis and evaluation of the play and its author and the actual production of the play. The thesis production enables the candidate to illustrate his mastery of theatre discipline. The written portion demonstrates his ability to develop the concepts necessary to the production of a play, and the presentation of the play offers the candidate the opportunity to show his creativity and aesthetic understanding of theatre.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Peninger, John Edward

A Study of Certain Creative Dramatics Techniques as Applied in the Second Grade Classroom of the North Texas State University Laboratory School

Description: "It is the purpose of this thesis to employ some of the basic methods currently in practice in the teaching of creative dramatics, in a second grade class of the North Texas State University Laboratory School in Denton, Texas, and to record the results."--2.
Date: August 1964
Creator: Wise, Nancy Susan

A Survey of the Physical Facilities of the Public School Speech and Hearing Programs in the State of Texas

Description: The purposes of this survey were (1) to determine the nature of the case load of speech clinicians in Texas public school speech and hearing therapy programs, (2) to determine the type and condition of facilities in which the therapy described in item one above is being conducted, (3) to ascertain what the speech and hearing clinicians of the state believed to be essential for the effective practice of therapy, and (4) to find out what the clinicians believed to be special problems in their present facilities.
Date: August 1968
Creator: Long, Tommy C.

The Treatment of Forensic Ethics in Argumentation and Debate Textbooks

Description: The purpose of this study has been to survey textbooks for debate and argumentation courses in order to determine their treatment of forensic ethics. Both the extent to which modern debate and argumentation textbooks concern themselves with ethical considerations as well as the degree to which these texts correlate with recognized problems and authoritative views have been of concern.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Buice, Lee