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Primary view of The 13th Congressional District in Transition: a Preliminary Analysis of Representation
Bryant, Stephen N.
January 1967
Primary view of Abstract Vector Spaces and Certain Related Systems
Goddard, Alton Ray
August 1961
Primary view of The Abuse of Confidence as a Major Theme in the Novels of Henry James
Sullenberger, T. E.
August 1966
Primary view of Academic Achievement and Intelligence among Negro Eighth Grade Students as a Function of the Self Concept
Gay, Cleveland Johnson, 1912-
January 1966
Primary view of The Academic Dean and His Role in the Improvement of Instruction
Eskew, Cletis Theodore
January 1960
Primary view of Actinoplanes Philippinensis: Effect of Carbon Sources on Zoospore Production
White, Olivia
May 1968
Primary view of Adam Smith Revisited
Roden, Peyton Foster
January 1967
Primary view of Additive Functions
McNeir, Ridge W.
June 1963
Primary view of The Adequacy of the Professional Preparation of the Catholic School Superintendent
Meyers, John F.
August 1964
Primary view of Adjective Negation in English
Purcell, James S.
August 1962
Primary view of Administration of the Atlantic Blockade 1861-1865
Delafield ,Charles Henry
January 1967
Primary view of Administrative and Judicial Evolution of the Occupational Disease Concept in Workmen's Compensation Legislation
Hyde, Peter D.
August 1962
Primary view of Administrative Reorganization in the Southwest Region of the Federal Aviation Agency
Vance, Richard
January 1965
Primary view of Aesthetics in the Popular Culture
Holland, Barbara
May 1968
Primary view of After the Storm: an Adaptation of Sobre las Ruinas, by Roberto J. Payró
Kimbell, Minerva A.
August 1964
Primary view of Albert Camus: Perspectives on the Nature of Political Revolt
Conner, Jett Burnett
August 1966
Primary view of Alexander Kerensky and the Kornilov Affair
Tompkins, Rosemary Colborn
August 1965
Primary view of Alfred Edward Housman (1859-1936) the Man and His Work
Smith, Mary M.
August 1962
Primary view of Algebraic Integers
Black, Alvin M.
August 1969
Primary view of Alienation and Reconciliation in the Novels of John Steinbeck
McDaniel, Barbara Albrecht
May 1964
Primary view of Ambivalence in the Poetry of Robert Frost
White, Patricia F.
August 1967
Primary view of American Artillery in the Mexican War 1846-1847
Dillon, Lester R.
May 1969
Primary view of The American Businessman in the Novels and Stories of Henry James
Smith, Margaret Hart
August 1969
Primary view of American Deism in the Eighteenth Century
Mattson, Vernon E.
August 1965