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Brazil: Provincial Railroads
Map showing provincial railroads in Brazil as of 1876, indicating (with red ink) those already built, in the process of being built, and projected to be built. Includes 2 tables listing location, length, distance from Rio de Janeiro and other statistics of the railroads.
Carte du Gouvernement de l'Amerique.
Chart describing the governmental structure of the political entities of the Americas circa 1719 as well as a general overview, including 4 drawings and 1 map. Contents: Instruction généralle -- Conseil de l'Amerique Septentrionalle -- Conseil de Terre Ferme -- Conseil de l'Amerique Meridionalle -- Gouvernement Ecclésiastique -- Pais de l'Amerique appartenant aux autres puissances de l'Europe -- Carte de l'Amerique -- Revenue des Arch. et Eveschez de l'Amerique.
Le Champ d'Asile: Romance
Musical score for voice and piano or harp written in Paris in November 1818. Cover has black and white lithograph depicting a man standing with a shovel.
A Chart of the Gulf Stream
Map of the Gulf Stream from Florida and the Bahama Islands at lower left of map, up along the coast of North America, and to Newfoundland and the Grand Banks at upper right of map, as charted by Benjamin Franklin. At left side is text describing the journey from Newfoundland west and south along the Atlantic coast. In the text, "Gulf" is spelled "Gulph" Labrador is labeled as "Land of the Eskimaux's". Inset at upper left is a map of the Atlantic Ocean, showing the Gulf Stream.
La fausse magie
This is a ca. [1775] printed copy of the libretto of "La fausse magie" (The false magic), a two-act comic opera by Jean François Marmontel, set to music by Grétry. [The opera was staged for the first time at the Théâtre Français à La Haye, on Thursday, November 30, 1775.] The final scene of act two contains the music of the couplets on pp. 47-48. The library's copy of the libretto is bound with the libretto of M. Anseaume's comic opera, "Le tableau parlant."
Manuscript leaf from a liturgical work of ca.1300-1600.
Vellum/parchment leaf with Latin(?) writing on both sides. Recto includes square illumination of Mary holding the Christ Child.
Manuscript leaf from an antiphonal.
Vellum/parchment leaf with writing and muscial notation on both sides.
My diary North and South. By William Howard Russell.
Map showing the eastern part of the United States circa 1863 to accompany text of "My Diary North and South."
A proclamation / by the president and supreme executive council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ; John Dickinson.
A proclamation by the President and Supreme Executive Council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, on November 20, 1782, declaring Sunday to be the Lord's Day.
Susanna, a Sacred Oratorio
This is the score of Handel's "Susanna," a sacred oratorio in three parts published by Samuel Arnold in ca. 1795. Grove Music established 1748 as the composition year of this oratorio and not 1743, as stated on the t.p. The first performance was given on February 10, 1749. The performance forces include: soloist (SATB), mixed chorus (SATB), strings (violins, viola, violoncellos, contra basses), woodwinds (oboe (2) and bassoon), trumpets (2), and continuo. . Although composed by Handel in 1743 and published by A table of contents appears on p.205 listing the first lines of texts of arias and recitatives for each of the parts and an appended air.
Travels in Egypt, Arabia Petræa, and the Holy Land.
Map of Egypt, Arabia Petraea and Palestine showing Dr. Olin's route. Inset of Sinai with points of interest.
Travels in North America, in the years 1841-2; with geological observations on the United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia. By Charles Lyell.
Geological map of the United States and Canada in 1841 - 42. Colored areas indicate geological eras, mineral and rock formations.