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Primary view of The Advancement of the Negro within Business and Professional Enterprise in Texas Since 1900
Knowles, Pattie R. Covington
August 1951
Primary view of The Development of Fire Insurance Rating in Texas
Haun, William Howard
January 1955
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Business Department of the Pilot Point High School to Study its Adequacy for Meeting Student and Community Needs
Bevers, Gertrude
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Efforts of Denton Apparel Stores in Securing Student Trade
McGee, Mack Edwin
August 1953
Primary view of Follow-up of Business Graduates of Gainesville High School, Gainesville, Texas
Moore, Audra Knight
Primary view of A Follow-up Study of the Secretarial Training Graduates of King High School, Kingsville, Texas, for the Years 1944 Through 1951
Short, Florence Gertrude
Primary view of A General Survey of Work Experience and a Consideration of the Role of the Texas Public High School Business Teacher in the Work Experience Program
Rouse, Thelma Ruth
Primary view of A Proposed Plan of Guidance for Students of Business, Based Upon Vocational Needs of Students at Texarkana College During the Period 1938-1948
Miller, Martha Ann
Primary view of Reciprocal Buying Practices of Selected Manufacturing Firms
Kissinger, Norris R.
August 1954
Primary view of Seasonal Market Trends for Feeder and Stocker and for Slaughter Steers for the Years 1940 through 1948
Embry, J.C.
June 1950
Primary view of A Study of Fees Charged in New Mexico High Schools, 1948-1949
Reager, William Martin
Primary view of A Study of the Shopping Goods Trade Flow from Lewisville, Lake Dallas, Sanger, and Valley View, Texas
Robinson, David Charles
August 1955
Primary view of A Survey of the Qualifications, Duties, and Problems of the Business Manager in the Public School Business Office
Cook, Jimmie F.
August 1954