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Primary view of Acculturation and Sociocultural Influences as Predictors of Family Relationships and Body Image Dissatisfaction in African American, Hispanic American, and European American Women
Garcia-Rea, Elizabeth Ann
December 2006
Primary view of Adolescent Self-Mutilating Behaviors: Experiential Avoidance Coupled with Imitation?
Howe-Martin, Laura S.
August 2008
Primary view of Are Deficits in Mindfulness Core Features of Borderline Personality Disorder?
Wupperman, Peggilee
August 2006
Primary view of Association Between Cognition and Depression: A Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Study of Individuals with Learning Disabilities.
Schraufnagel, Caitlin D.
August 2003
Primary view of Comparative Models of the Impact of Social Support on Psychological Distress in Cancer Patients
Forjaz, Maria João Bettencourt Pereira
May 2000
Primary view of Compassion and Person Perception: An Experiment
Raina, Karina Christina
August 2006
Primary view of Contextualized Risk Assessment in Clinical Practice: Utility of Actuarial, Clinical, and Structured Clinical Approaches to Predictions of Violence.
Jackson, Rebecca L.
August 2004
Primary view of A Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Study of Adolescents and Religion: Views of Risk and Resiliency
Miesse, Colette Ann
August 2009
Primary view of Deficits in Miranda Comprehension and Reasoning: The Effects of Substance Use and Attention Deficits.
Hazelwood, Lisa L.
August 2009
Primary view of Dementia, Diabetes, and Depression: Relationship to Cognitive Functioning
Jackson, Lauren Innes
August 2009
Primary view of The Detection of Neuropsychological Malingering
Liff, Christine D.
August 2003
Primary view of Development of a Multidimensional Approach to Understanding Youthful Offenders: The Influence of Psychosocial and Personality Risk Factors
Noffsinger, Mary A.
August 2006
Primary view of Developmental Stressors and Associated Coping Skills in the Development of Disordered Eating in College Females
Tripp, Margaret Murphy
August 2002
Primary view of The Effects of Assessment Context on State Anxiety and a Neuropsychological Model of Attention
Greher, Michael R.
August 2003
Primary view of Effects of Cautioning and Education in the Detection of Malingered Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Scholtz, Brendon P.
May 2006
Primary view of An exercise in story repair: A guided written disclosure protocol for fostering narrative completeness of traumatic memories.
Tomczyk, Daniel A.
May 2008
Primary view of Family Rituals and Resilience: Relationship Among Measures of Religiosity, Openness to Experience, and Trait Anxiety
Emmett, Gloria J.
August 2000
Primary view of Feigning Cognitive Deficits on Neuropsychological Evaluations: Multiple Detection Strategies
Bender, Scott D.
December 2000
Primary view of Functions of self-injurious thoughts and behaviors within adolescent inpatients.
Thomas, Peter F.
December 2008
Primary view of Investigating patterns among demographics, identification practices, interventions, and educational outcomes for students with serious emotional disturbance.
Gonzalez, Christine
August 2003
Primary view of Late adolescents' parental, peer, and romantic attachments as they relate to affect regulation and risky behaviors.
Ingle, Sarah J.
August 2008
Primary view of Maladaptive appraisals and intrusive thoughts associated with obsessive compulsive disorder: A semiidiographic approach.
Hutchinson, Geoffrey
August 2004
Primary view of Mediational Roles of Personality Factors and Vengeful Rumination in the Development of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Crostley, Jeremy T.
August 2009
Primary view of Metabolic Syndrome and Psychosocial Factors
Tweedy, Maureen P.
August 2009