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Chickasaw Removal: Betrayal of the Beloved Warriors, 1794-1844

Description: This dissertation is a detailed study of Chickasaw removal, based on correspondence and other documents from the period 1794-1844. In addition to National Archives microfilm, information has been gathered from correspondence sent by the Office of Indian Affairs and miscellaneous Chickasaw records of the period, both collections located at the National Archives. A thorough investigation has been conducted into the communications between the Chickasaw Nation and the United States Department of War. An attempt was made to include the opinions expressed by Chickasaw leaders, American field personnel, and Department of War officials involved during this period. Thus, the major sources consulted include the letters of the Office of Indian Affairs which were either to, from, or about the Chickasaw.
Date: December 1981
Creator: Lewis, Monte Ross

France and the Little Entente, 1936-1937: the Work of Yvon Delbos

Description: This thesis studies France"s relations with the Little Entente during the term of Foreign Minister Delbos. It relies primarily on published diplomatic papers and memoirs. It discusses Delbos's background, the histories of Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Rumania from 1919-1936, and the formation of the Little Entente. The thesis focuses on France's efforts after the Rhineland crisis to strengthen her Eastern European alliances. Delbos chose the Little Entente over the Soviet Union as France's primary Eastern European alliance. Delbos's proposed Mutual Assistance Pact between France and the Little Entente and his Eastern European trip in December, 1937, failed owing to Yugoslavian and Rumanian opposition. German economic domination and intimidation of, and British disinterest in, Eastern Europe contributed to Yugoslavian and Rumanian rejection of France's overtures.
Date: December 1981
Creator: Kephart, Brad W.