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Primary view of Analyzing Patterns Within Academic and Legal Definitions: a Qualitative Content Analysis of the Term "Cyberbullying"
Winn, Matthew R.
August 2013
Primary view of Analyzing Visitors’ Discourse, Attitudes, Perceptions, and Knowledge Acquisition in an Art Museum Tour After Using a 3D Virtual Environment
D’ Alba, Adriana
May 2012
Primary view of Are They Ready? a Multi-case Study of Traditional and Innovative Texas Teacher’s Perceptions of 21St Century Skills in Teaching and Learning
Royal, Joy
May 2012
Primary view of An Assessment of Technology Learning Styles, Skills, and Perceptions Among Teachers of Grades Pre-Kindergarten Through Four.
Brubaker, Douglas D.
December 2004
Primary view of Cross-Cultural Validation of the Will, Skill, Tool Model of Technology Integration
Morales Velázquez, Cesáreo
May 2006
Primary view of The Current State of Us Higher Education Social Media Policies with Regard to Teaching and Learning: a Document Review Needs Assessment
Reed, Adalheidur Steinunn
December 2013
Primary view of The Effects of ARCS-based Confidence Strategies on Learner Confidence and Performance in Distance Education.
Huett, Jason Bond
May 2006
Primary view of Effects of Problem-based Learning on a Fifth Grade Language Arts Classroom
Blackwell, Deborah
May 2013
Primary view of Enhanced learning performance in the middle school classroom through increased student motivation, by the use of educational software and question-based gaming technology.
Dorr, David L.
December 2006
Primary view of An Examination of Preferences for Social Presence in Online Courses with Regard to Personality Type
Rose, Daniel Merritt
August 2012
Primary view of An Experimental Study on Situated and Dynamic Learning Assessment (SDLA) Environment
Lee, Zeng-Han
May 2010
Primary view of Face-to-face Versus Online Gender Roles:  the Effect of Psychological Identity on the Characteristics and Circumstances of Online Disinhibition
Greene, Amy L.
August 2013
Primary view of Faculty Members' Readiness for E-learning in the College of Basic Education in Kuwait
Alajmi, Mohammed
August 2010
Primary view of The Global Village Playground: A qualitative case study of designing an ARG as a capstone learning experience.
Dondlinger, Mary Jo
May 2009
Primary view of Heard but not seen: Instructor-led video and its effect on learning.
Holder, David E.
August 2008
Primary view of The impact of computer assisted instruction on sensory cognitive factors in literacy learning.
Walton, Donna L.
December 2003
Primary view of Impact of Video Presentation Features on Instructional Achievement and Intrinsic Motivation in Secondary School Learners
Bland, Ronald B.
December 2012
Primary view of Indicators of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (Stem) Career Interest Among Middle School Students in the Usa
Mills, Leila A.
August 2013
Primary view of Influence of Alice 3: Reducing the Hurdles to Success in a Cs1 Programming Course
Daly, Tebring
May 2013
Primary view of An investigation of factors affecting Omani faculty members' adoption of information and computing technology.
Al Senaidi, Said
August 2009
Primary view of An Investigation of the Impact of Technology Expenditures on Student Achievement in Texas Districts
Hancock, Robert
August 2005
Primary view of An investigation of the use of instructional simulations in the classroom as a methodology for promoting transfer, engagement and motivation.
Lunce, Leslie Matthew
August 2007
Primary view of Making the Connection: How Mentors Choose Protégés in Academic Mentoring Relationships
Robertson, Tip M. A.
May 2010
Primary view of A Mixed-methods Study Investigating the Relationship Between Media Multitasking Orientation and Grade Point Average
Lee, Jennifer
August 2012