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Primary view of Aesthetic and Technical Analysis on Soar!
Wang, Hsiao-Lan
August 2010
Primary view of Aesthetic Models and Structural Features in Concerto for Solo Percussion and Concert Band
Anderson, Stephen Reg
December 2005
Primary view of An Analysis of Du cristal…à la fumée by Kaija Saariaho and Axiom Unearthed, Original Composition
Allen, John Clay
May 2015
Primary view of And Drops of Rain Fall Like Tears: A Composition for Electroacoustic Music and Video
Thompson, Michael Allen
May 2002
Primary view of Animations: A Composition for Percussion and Computer Music on Tape
Criswell, Madeleine L.
August 1993
Primary view of Archetypal Dreams
Hanson, Dan L.
August 1987
Primary view of Augeries, for Flute, Clarinet, Percussion and Tape: Aesthetic Discussion and Theoretical Analysis
Gedosh, David
May 2009
Primary view of “Before I Die…”: Original Composition with a Critical Essay Exploring the Techniques of Six Crossover Composers
Trusko, Robert
August 2014
Primary view of Beneath the Dancing Moon: A Composition for Woodwind and Percussion Ensemble
Pang, Law Ma Rome Anne
December 1992
Primary view of I, Blavatsky: A One-Act Opera
Cooper, Steve, 1951 Dec. 4-
May 1990
Primary view of Blueline Concerto: Critical Essay
Lamb, Christopher
August 2013
Primary view of Brass Band History and Idiomatic Writing in Brass Music
Kahler, Elyse T.
May 2013
Primary view of Cenotaph: A Composition for Computer-Generated Sound
Rogers, Rowell S. (Rowell Seldon)
August 1990
Primary view of Chaos, Cosmos, and Communion: Three Movements for String Quartet
Moran, David W. (David Wayne)
August 1994
Primary view of Characterizing Noise and Harmonicity: The Structural Function of Contrasting Sonic Components in Electronic Composition
Dribus, John Alexander
May 2010
Primary view of Clestrinye [El Carnaval del Perdón]: Traditional Rituals in Intermedia Composition.
Salazar, Camilo
August 2008
Primary view of Clockwork Plums
Bradford, Joshua
May 2004
Primary view of Compositional approaches within new media paradigms.
Oliveiro, Mark A
May 2016
Primary view of Concertino for Jazz Clarinet, Electric Viola and Symphonic Orchestra
Holmquist, Mats G. (Mats Göran)
August 1991
Primary view of Concertino for Tuba, Winds, and Percussion
Potter, David
August 1985
Primary view of Concerto for Piano, Winds, and Percussion
Ring, Gordon L. (Gordon Lee)
August 1982
Primary view of Contours
Hughes, Russell M., 1954-
August 1994
Primary view of Creating Musical Momentum: Textural and Timbral Sculpting with Intuitive Compositional Systems and Formal Design
Robin, Bradley G.
August 2016
Primary view of The Creative Process in Cross-Influential Composition
Anderson, Jonathan Douglas
May 2010