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Primary view of An Analysis of EC-4 Pre-Service Teacher Perceptions of Knowledge and Use of Classroom Discipline Techniques
Short, Selena Gutierrez
May 2006
Primary view of A Comparison Study of the Experiences of Educators and Non-Educators in Promoting Reading and Reading Related Skills of their Own Preschool Children
Fitzpatrick, Tamecca S.
December 2005
Primary view of Decision Making Factors in Child Caregiver Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect
Hagen, Carol Kellerman
May 2000
Primary view of Direct and Indirect Effects of Parenting Style with Child Temperament, Parent-Child Relationship, and Family Functioning on Child Social Competence in the Chinese Culture: Testing the Latent Models
Xu, Changkuan
May 2007
Primary view of The Effects of a Computer-mediated Intervention on "At-risk" Preschool Students' Receptive Vocabulary and Computer Literacy Skills.
Alman, Lourdes Fraga
December 2003
Primary view of The Effects of a Therapeutic Play Intervention on Hispanic Students' Reading Achievement, Self-Concept, and Behavior
Lopez, Helen Trevino
December 2000
Primary view of English language learners: Does summer school make a difference in young children's literacy scores?
Wickert, DeAnna S.
August 2006
Primary view of An Investigation into the Effects of Long-term Staff Development on Teacher Perceptions and Reading Achievement on Young Children
Boatman, Vikki
May 2003
Primary view of Mass media in the writing process of English as a second language kindergarteners: A case study examination
Melton, Janet Moody
August 2001
Primary view of Patterns of verbal communication in children with special needs.
Conde, Joann M.
May 2006
Primary view of Speaking up-speaking out: What does it take to prepare early childhood professionals to advocate for children and families?
Brunson, Mary Nelle
December 2002
Primary view of A survey study of entry transition practices used by teachers of infants and toddlers.
Fernandez, Mary Elizabeth Poteet
December 2004
Primary view of Teacher Practice, Curriculum, and Children's Moral Development in Buddhist Temple Preschools in Thailand
Phisalaphong, Rathdow
December 2001
Primary view of Thai Teachers' Beliefs about Learner-Centered Education: Implications for Success For Life Thailand
Israsena, Vasinee
August 2007
Primary view of To Include or not to Include: Early Childhood Preservice Educators' Beliefs, Attitudes, and Knowledge about Students with Disabilities
Aldrich, Jennifer E.
August 2000