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Near-Death Experiences and Attitude Change

Description: Article describing a study that used the Life Attitude Profile (LAP) questionnaire to evaluate positive changes in life attitudes reported by near-death experiencers.
Date: Spring 1985
Creator: Bauer, Martin

Near-Death Experiences: Evidence for Survival?

Description: Abstract: "This paper argues that the out-of-body experience (OBE) and other elements of a near-death experience (NDE), as well as the positive affects that accompany them, do not yeild conclusive evidence for survival after death. The OBE has features that suggest a physical basis for it, the other elements show the influence of cultural background, and positive affects may simply occur to conserve one's energy and prolong life. Other explanations for near-death elements, such as sensory deprivation, extrasensory perception, and eyeless sight, are addressed."
Date: Spring 1985
Creator: Krishnan, V.