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An American Edition of the Bach "St. Matthew Passion" Part I
This subject has been chosen by the writer for the purpose of discussing these problems of performance, arising with the composition, the St. Matthew Passion, by J. S. Bach. Since Bach was a German and wrote in that language, the edition used is called the American edition. The performances in America are, with few exceptions, based upon translations which must be accurately edited so as not to obscure Bach's intentions.
An Analysis of General Safety Education for Industry and Vocational Schools with Specific Recommendations for Wood Shops and Machine Shops
The purposes of this study are to survey the growth of safety concepts in industry and in school shops, to point out the fundamental factors involved in a functioning and worthwhile program of safety education in secondary schools, and to indicate safe practices to be followed by operators of machines in wood and metal shops in secondary schools in order to minimize to the utmost the possibility of accident in such shops, and to set forth a recommended procedure embodying a program of safety for wood and metal shops in secondary schools.
An Analysis of the Guidance Needs and Problems Among the Women Students at North Texas State Teachers College
The intent and purposes of this study are (1) to discover the extent of the guidance needs and problems which confront the women students in North Texas State Teachers College and the extent to which the students are adjusting and developing into normal and socially effective individuals; (2) to interpret the data collected from the individual questionnaires in order that plans for a more adequate and effective guidance program may be made, and to offer a functional basis for individual and group guidance; and (3) to measure their present needs and problems in relation to personal and social adjustments as individuals and as groups.
An Analysis of the Hobbies of Sixth Grade Girls of Twelve Elementary Schools of Dallas, Texas
The purpose of this study was to determine the number of girls enrolled in the sixth grade in twelve elementary schools of Dallas, Texas, who had hobbies; what types of hobbies had been selected; what factors had influenced their choice of hobbies; and the duration of the hobbies.
The Appraisal of the Practice of Homemaking in the Dallas Junior High Schools
The problem in this study is to make the appraisal of the practice of homemaking in the Dallas junior high schools.
The Ascorbic Acid Content of Orange Marmalade Made With and Without Commercial Pectin
The purpose of the present study is to determine the ascorbic acid values of orange marmalades made with and without commercial pectin; and to compare these values with those obtained by testing random samples of home and commercial prepared orange marmalades.
The Ascorbic Acid Metabolism of Fifty College Women in the North Texas State Teachers College
A study of the ascorbic acid metabolism of a group of fifty college women in the North Texas State Teachers College between the months of April and July, 1943.
A Comparative Analysis of the Student Body of North Texas State Teachers College During the Fall Semester of the 1942-43 Session
The problem of this thesis is to make a comparative analysis of the student body of North Texas State Teachers College during the fall semester of the 1942-43 session. This analysis involves a consideration of such factors as chronological age, academic classification and major, parental occupation, scholastic load, membership in campus organizations, grade point average, participation in outside employment, and the interrelationships of these factors as they affect college students.
A Comparative Study of the Qualifications and Duties of City School Superintendents' Secretaries in Oklahoma
The problem in this study is to make a comparison of the qualifications and duties of secretaries of city school superintendents in Oklahoma, with regard to academic training stenographic duties, duties pertaining to financial records and reports, banking duties, duties pertaining to general records and reports, duties pertaining to bus and transportation reports, teaching duties and miscellaneous duties.
Comparative Value of Two Types of Teaching Reading
The major purpose of this study is to compare the progress in the general reading ability of a group of pupils taught by the phonic method of word recognition, with the progress of a group taught by the same method plus the study of stories to determine whether the study of stories aids word recognition ability and, in turn, general reading ability.
A Comparison of Certain Reading Textbook Manuals with Certain Reading Authority Standards for Intermediate Grades
This study was made in an attempt to determine whether or not the manuals for the reading textbooks published since 1930 meet the standards set up by the leading educators in the field of reading.
A Comparison of Educational Concepts as Expressed by Workshop Participants and by Dewey
The problem involved in this research was a comparative study of the educational philosophy of the 1943 Child Development Workshop at the North Texas State Teachers College, as expressed by consultants and participants, and John Dewey's principles of education.
A Critical Analysis of Arithmetic Achievement in the Intermediate Grades of the Fort Worth, Texas, Elementary Schools
This thesis looks at what the Forth Worth public schools have accomplished with their revised curriculum in arithmetic, and whether such achievement can be demonstrated.
A Critical Analysis of the Community School Idea
It is the purpose of this investigation to make a careful study of different community schools, and to determine to what extent they are promoting the education of the child and meeting the needs of the community in which he lives.
Demonstrating the Use of Wells's Criteria by Evaluating the Administration of Two Elementary School Principals
The problem of this study is to demonstrate the use of Wells's criteria for evaluating the administration of the elementary school by evaluating the administration of two elementary school principals.
Determining the Extent to Which the Purposes of Radio Educational Broadcasts are Being Achieved in the Elementary School
This study seeks to furnish school administrators and teachers with information about the (1) historical background of radio in the public schools of America; (2) equipment needed for radio reception; (3) plans that are necessary for efficient use of the radio; and (4) finally, to show the status of radio in the schools of Texas.
The Development of the Public Schools of Denton County, Texas, 1900-1942
The problem of this study is to discover and to point out with the aid of tables the changes which have occurred, and the most important factors affecting the growth and development of the public school system of Denton County during the period 1900-1942.
The Dietary Habits of Fifty-Nine North Texas State Teachers College Students Doing Light Housekeeping
The purpose of this study is an attempt to determine the food habits of a group of light housekeeping students enrolled in the North Texas State Teachers College in the spring of 1939, using the inventory method.
The Effect of Cooking on the Vitamin A Value of Two Dehydrated Sweet Potato Products
The purpose of the present study is to determine the effect of cooking on the vitamin A value of "Vita-Yam" candy and cookies.
The Effect of Storage on the Ascorbic Acid Content of Four Varieties of Canned Fruit Juice
The purposes of this study are (1) to determine the ascorbic acid content of a variety of fruit juices available in Denton, Texas, during March to July, 1943; (2) to ascertain the loss of ascorbic acid when canned grapefruit, orange, pineapple, and apple juices are opened and stored in the home refrigerator for several days' use; and (3) by means of data obtained, to make recommendations as to the most advantageous ways of using one's "points" in purchasing canned fruit juices for their ascorbic acid value.
The Effect of the War Emergency upon Teacher Turnover in Small Texas Schools
The purpose of this study is to determine the ways and the extent that the war has affected the teacher shortage problem in the small schools of Texas.
The Effect of the War on the Mental Hygiene of the Elementary School Child
The purpose of this study is to analyze recommended programs for developing child security in wartime. Attention is given, also, to the opinions expressed by contemporary psychiatrists and educators, as to ill and possible good effects of the war on the mental hygiene of the elementary school child.
An Evaluation of Integrated Teaching
The purpose of this study is to examine integration in such a manner as to determine its true meaning, to analyze critically its ability to meet the challenge and produce the goals which society and the teacher have set up, and to conclude whether the utilization of integration, as conceived by the writer, will develop the child's capacity of self-expression, encourage critical thinking, develop individual aptitudes, and help him make wholesome adjustments to the group.
An Evaluation of the Declamation Contest as an Educational Procedure
The purpose of this study is to formulate criteria for the evaluation of the declamation, the selection of material for declamation, the method of coaching, the method of delivery, and the value of the declamation contest as a method of teaching.
An Evaluation of the Effect of Mobility Upon Achievement and Progress in the East Van Zandt School, Fort Worth, Texas
The problem of this study is to determine the extent of the mobility of pupil population in the East Van Zandt School, Fort Worth, Texas, and the relationship of this mobility to pupil achievement and progress.
An Evaluation of the Graham School System
The purpose of the study is to compare the Graham School System with other school systems in the same area; to evaluate the Graham School System with accepted standards, on the phases of school activities studied; and to make constructive recommendations and suggestions for needed improvements as shown by the data collected.
An Evaluation of the Program of Phonetic Instruction in Relation to Reading in the Schools of Panola County
The problem of this study is to evaluate the program of phonetic teaching in the Panola County schools in terms of criteria developed from current literature on the history, theories, and studies relating to the teaching of phonics in connection with the reading program in the elementary grades.
Hawthorne's Use of Symbolism in Four Romances
This thesis is a study of the four long romances, The Scarlet Letter, The House of the Seven Gables, The Blithedale Romance, and The Marble Faun, with emphasis upon Hawthorne's use of symbolism as a means of presenting the basic moral and spiritual truths of human life. The first chapter explains the nature of symbolism and the reasons why Hawthorne used it so extensively. In each of the last four chapters, the symbolism in a single romance is considered for the purpose of discovering the manner and effectiveness of its use in exemplifying the central theme of that particular story. Although Hawthorne's short stories are extremely rich in symbolism, it was not possible to include them in the present study.
A History of the Crozier Technical High School of Dallas, Texas
The purpose of this thesis is to present a history of the establishment and growth of the Crozier Technical High School in Dallas, Texas, with special emphasis placed upon technical phases of the school curriculum and the concrete outcomes in terms of actual results ascertained from the graduates.
The History of the Development of Public School Music in Taylor County, Texas
The first of any formal education in music that can be found from the records or from the memories of those who were present at the time was the singing school. One ranch in the Blair community has files in which records were found of all import ant events of the school and community life. These files relate the coming of the singing school regularly every summer. Shaped notes were taught front hymn books. At the end of the course, a certificate was given to those who graduated. The teacher of the school then moved on to the next engagement.
How a Student-Participation Program Affected the Citizenship Attitudes of the Students of La Porte High School Over a Period of Two Years
The problem of this study was to determine whether the citizenship attitudes of the students of La Porte High School could be improved through the organization and operation of a student-participation program.
Humanism: Its Application to Religion, Literature, and Social Reform
It is the purpose of this study to make an examination of critical comment on humanistic philosophy, and, thereby, get a response that will answer some of the questions which arise in the minds of those who are made conscious of intellectual wonder or curiosity within themselves.
Individualized Instruction in the Elementary School
The purpose of this study is to investigate the more recent types of instruction. In this investigation, emphasis has been placed on instruction which has grown out of children's interests and needs, and which recognizes the capacities, abilities and potentialities of children.
Initiating a Music Supervisory Program in a Small School
An inadequate music education program should give rise to some thought and action on the part of any serious-minded progressive teacher in that field, It is not enough to suspect or to discover faults, but a way to improve the situation should be attempted. Best practices should be evaluated and objectives formulated for future procedure through cooperative planning.
The Legal Status of Certain Public School Officials in Texas
The purpose of this study is to determine the exact power that public school officials may exercise and yet remain within the limits of the law. Associated with this purpose is the effort to show that the legal status of their public school officials is not static.
The Maturing Emotion of George Eliot
This study has been made in an attempt to illustrate how the genius that was George Eliot developed, how a magnificent intellect was driven first to achievement by emotional frustration and then was coupled with emotional maturity in person, developing emotional maturity in the creative artist and producing at last the supreme and delicate balance of intellectual and emotional maturity in the philosopher who found her medium in creative art.
The Mercury-Sensitized Photo-Reactions of Isobutane
A study of the mercury-sensitized photo-reactions of isobutane.
The Music Preparation of Elementary Education Majors in the Teacher Training Institutions of Texas
A. What training are senior colleges giving students in Texas to prepare them for teaching music in the grades? B. What training are junior colleges giving students in Texas to prepare them for teaching music in the grades? C. What observations can be made on training now given? What recommendations can be made for improvement? D. 'What conclusions have supervisors of music in Texas reached concerning the ability of teachers trained in teachers' colleges? E. What is the reaction of teachers who are teaching music and who have had the six hours of music required by the state department?
Nature in William Cullen Bryant's Poetry
The purpose has been to discover from the study of Bryant's life and poetry the extent to which his work was influenced by nature and how he interpreted it.
Present Trends in the Social Studies in the Elementary Grades
The purpose of the study is to determine the extent to which elementary school social-studies programs are meeting the needs of children in the present emergency and to what extent present trends may function in the world of tomorrow.
The Production of Material Suitable to the Reading Level of Dull-Normal First-Grade Children
The purpose of the study was five-fold: (1) to discover what criteria have been set up by recognized authorities for teaching dull-normal children; (2) to determine the interests and needs of the dull-normal children under consideration; (3) to determine their vocabulary range; (4) to produce interesting, easy reading material for them and to determine their response to the reading material produced, based upon their activities and interests; and (5) to recommend a reading program for the dull-normal children in the Memphis, Texas, public school in the future.
A Professional Vocabulary for Art Students at North Texas State Teachers College
The purpose of this investigation is to present to teachers in the field of art education a list of words which are essential to successful mastery of the subject matter found in certain textbooks used in the art department at the North Texas State Teachers College.
Sanitary Aspects of the Swimming Pool of North Texas State Teachers College, Denton, Texas
This investigation was conducted in order to show that insanitary conditions may exist in the swimming pool at North Texas State Teachers College provided the proper precautions are not taken; and, in contrast that this pool can be sanitary and entirely safe when operated and used according to the necessary sanitary specifications.
Scope of Workshop Procedures as Indicated in Recent Professional Literature
The purpose of the study was to determine the various levels on which the Progressive Education Association summer workshops have been conducted and to determine what fields of subject matter have been considered. In other words, an effort was made to determine how many of the workshops were designed for college or university teachers, secondary school teachers, elementary school teachers, administrators, or special groups, and what subject matter was considered for each group.
Social and Emotional Influences of Home Life on Children in School
The problem of this investigation is three-fold in its objectives: (1) to discover what authorities in the field of education believe about personality in relation to home and school influences, (2) to determine the personality characteristics and the home status of a group of third-grade children in the Stonewall Jackson School of Denton, Texas, and (3) to make analyses and comparisons in an effort to determine whether any perceptible relationships exist between home status and the degree of self and social adjustment possessed by the pupils.
The Spermatophytes of Tarrant County, Texas
The problem consisted of thoroughly exploring Tarrant County, Texas, in an attempt to collect and study critically as many species of Spermatophytes as possible. In addition a thorough examination was made of herbarium specimens assembled from the region by other botanists.
Story-Telling in the Primary Grades
The purpose of this study is to determine the philosophy, history, recent development and modern trends of story-telling in the primary grades.
A Study of Colorfastness to Laundering of Certain Percales Bearing Two Different Labels
The present study is to compare the fading properties due to home laundering methods of certain percales bearing printed labels, "Guaranteed Fast Color," with samples representing similar colors labeled, "Fast to Washing."
A Study of Some Maladjusted Children of the Intermediate Grades of the Stonewall Jackson School, Denton, Texas
The problem of this thesis is to make a study of some of the maladjusted children of the intermediate grades of the Stonewall Jackson School of Denton, Texas. The purpose of this study is to try to discover some of the causes of these maladjustments.
A Study of the Requirements for Household Employment in Waelder, Texas
The study herein described was made in twenty-four white homes in Waelder, Texas, in which there were household employees. The study was made for the purpose of finding the requirements for household employment in Waelder, Texas.