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The Age, Growth, and Food Habits of the Lake Dallas White Bass, Lepibema Chrysops (Rafinesque)
This study was made to secure certain new information concerning the food habits and growth of the white bass, Lepibema chrysops (Rafinesque), which is quite generally considered a good game and good fish.
An Analysis of Relations of Popularity to Certain Factors in Learning
Today educators are faced with the task of shifting the aim of education from that of teaching subject matter to that of providing experiences that are effective in stimulating wholesome personality development. With this in mind the writer was interested in providing opportunities and experiences for the development of efficient, balanced, harmonious, dynamic personalities, and in observing the relationship existing between these factors, social acceptance, home environment or socio-economic status, and the intelligence quotient, and the effects of these relationships upon the child's school success or academic status.
An Analysis of Six Representative Women Characters in Edith Wharton's Novels
For this study, an analysis will be made of six of Edith Wharton's heroines: Lily Bart, the luxury-loving, aristocratic heroine of The House of Mirth, who was destroyed by her own class; Ellen Olenska, who neither lost nor sought an established place in New York society, since it belonged to her, and she stayed there by the sacrifice of instinct and happiness; Anna Leath, a typical product of puritan New York, who suffered from having learned so thoroughly the rules of her generation; Halo Tarrant, who took love into her own hands and defied society but felt the strength of the social convention which shuts out the woman who does not play the game according to the rules; Undine Spragg, the social adventurer, who represents ambition, which Mrs. Wharton had come to recognize as the dominant characteristic of the new woman of America; and Sophy Viner, an American girl who, yielding to temptation, is plunged into insecurity because she comes into contact with Anna Leath and the rules of her world.
An analysis of teachers' incomes and expenditures in ten Texas cities
The immediate purpose of this thesis is to show incomes and current living costs of teachers by geographical areas and to draw justified conclusions based upon statistical data regarding necessary and desirable teachers' salaries. Since the survey made by the Bureau of Business Research, University of Texas, included such widely separated cities as Corpus Christi, Austin, Tyler, El Paso, Lubbock, and Abilene, the different sections of the state are well represented.
An Analysis of the Moral Content of Children's Literature from 1600 to 1940
It is the purpose of the present investigation to make an examination of the moral content of literature taught in the schools from 1600 to 1800, from 1800 to 1900, and from 1900 to 1940, and to draw conclusions as to the values of such literature. In the literature examined in this study, both the moral content and the methods used in presentation will be considered.
An Analysis of the Objectives and Suggested or Illustrative Methods and Materials on the Subject of Reading in the Elementary Schools as Found in Seven State Courses of Study
The problem of this study was to analyze the objectives and methods for teaching reading in the elementary grades as they appeared in the latest available courses of study in certain states for the purpose of determining their uniformity or lack of uniformity. An effort was made to compile data on teaching reading in order to determine certain modern trends as supplementary material for the writer's teaching aids.
An Animal Study of Low-cost Texas Diets in Supporting Reproduction, Lactation, and Iodine Needs
A study of low-cost Texas diets to support reproduction, lactation, and iodine needs in animals.
The Association of Sex, Age, and Environment to Children's Interests in the Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Seventh Grades of the Lometa Independent School, Lampasas County, Texas, 1940-1941
The purpose of this study was to determine the association of sex, age, and environment to children's interests in the third, fourth, fifth, and seventh grades of the Lometa Independent School, Lampasas County, Texas.
Attitudes of Public School Administrators Toward the Instrumental Music Program
The purpose of the present study is three-fold in its nature: (1). To determine, by means of interviews and questionnaires, the attitudes of school administrators toward the various aspects of the instrumental music program; (2). To interpret these attitudes in the light of modern music education; (3). To make recommendations for the improvement of the instrumental music program with respect to the findings of the study.
Biological Assay of Vitamin A of Certain Texas Foods
The purpose of the present study was to compare the amounts of vitamin A in sweet potato flour with that of carrot flour and dehydrated carrots by using the biological assay method.
The Cantor Ternary Set and Certain of its Generalizations and Applications
This thesis covers the Cantor Ternary Set and generalizations of the Cantor Set, and gives a complete existential theory for three set properties: denumerability, exhaustibility, and zero measure.
A Chemical, Physical, and Biological Investigation of the Total Suspended and Dissolved Substances in Lake Dallas with Emphasis on Sanitation
The purpose of this investigation is to determine the suspended organic matter and the total phosphorus in the waters of Lake Dallas and to evaluate these findings. Since organic matter floating in lakes is largely composed of minute plants, animals, and detritus derived from animals and plants, the fertilizing effect of phosphorus must be considered as an integral part of this problem.
A chemical, physical and biological investigation of the total suspended and dissolved substances in Lake Dallas with emphasis on sanitation
The purpose of this investigation is to determine the suspended organic matter and the total phosphorus in the waters of Lake Dallas and to evaluate these findings. Since organic matter floating in lakes is largely comprised of minute plants, animals, and detritus derived from animals and plants, the fertilizing effect of phosphorus must be considered as an integral part of this problem.
Civil Service Reform in the United States during the Nineteenth Century
This thesis traces the reform of civil service through the nineteenth century from the development and growth of the spoils system to the death of William McKinley in 1901.
The Classroom Library in Action in an Integrated Elementary School Program
The purpose of the study is to determine the library needs of the elementary-grade children of the Willow View School and to develop an activity program to meet their needs.
A Comparative Critical Analysis of Beginning Piano Methods
It has been the purpose of this study to examine representative beginning piano methods, as found available in published form, and to compare and evaluate them according to musical, psychological, physical, and educational standards.
A Comparative Nutritive Study of the Growth-Promoting Factors of Four Varieties of Cowpeas
The purpose of the present study is to compare the growth-promoting properties of four varieties of the green cowpea: the blackeye, the red and white crowder, the brown crowder and the cream cowpea.
Comparative Studies in Geography -- Textbook and Free Materials Versus Textbook and Library Supplements
The problem involved in this study was to carry on an experiment of two methods of teaching eighth-grade geography and to compare the two. Briefly stated, the problem of this thesis was to determine the value of the use of free materials as compared with library supplements.
A Comparative Study of Pupil-Teacher Ratings of the Amount of Democracy Practiced in the William James Junior High School, Fort Worth, Texas
This study undertakes to measure by means of a questionnaire the spirit of democracy in the William James Junior High School of Fort Worth, Texas. The problem was the outgrowth of a personal interest in the boys and girls in the public schools of our nation and a feeling that strict application of the principles of democracy to school practices would result in happier school relationships.
A Comparative Study of the Elementary-School Handwriting Program as Offered in Five State Courses of Study
The problem of this investigation is a comparative study of the elementary-school handwriting program as outlined in the courses of study offered by the State Departments of Education in five states.
A Comparative Study of Two Methods Used in the Teaching of Arithmetic in the Seventh Grade
This comparative study of methods used in teaching arithmetic was carried out in the La Vega Public School, McLennan County, Texas, during the 1941-1942 school term.
Comparison of First-Hand and Vicarious Experiences in Promoting Reading Readiness
The purpose of this study is to compare first-hand and vicarious experiences as means of developing those factors or traits of reading readiness that may be improved through training. More specifically, it is an attempt to measure the amount of readiness gained through the two types of experiences by two groups of first-grade children in the San Angelo Public Schools.
A Comparison of the Canzoni of Frescobaldi and Froberger
It is the purpose of this thesis to discuss and compare the canzoni of Frescobaldi and Froberger and to show something of their influences on their successors.
A Comparison of the Educational Philosophies of Pragmatism and Essentialism and their Effects on Education
The purpose of this study was to make an appraisal of the educational philosophies, pragmatism and essentialism, and their effects upon the aims, methods, and curriculum of education. No effective effort was made to branch off into the many philosophical ramifications of the question, but the practical aspects of each philosophy were studied in order to determine how it has influenced education.
Contemporary Women Poets of Texas
As a teacher of American literature in high school, I have become conscious of the importance of teaching students of that age level the lore and poetry of their native state. Poems of nature or local color in their own country will hold their interest when material from more distant points seems dull and uninteresting. Through my teaching I have become interested in the poetry of the Southwest and have enjoyed reading the poetry and knowing the poets through personal interview or correspondence.
Contribution of the Westminster Choir Movement to American Choral Music
The purpose of this survey is to evaluate the contribution that the Westminster Choir movement has made to choral music in the United States today. It is hoped after the contributions have been stated by the investigator that the important position Westminster Choir College is occupying will be better understood.
Criteria for Evaluating the Administration of the Elementary School
The study attempts to formulate criteria to evaluate the work of the elementary school principal in city schools, subdividing his duties into five major phases, namely: (1) supervision, (2) administration, (3) organization, (4) clerical, and (5) other duties.
A Critical Analysis of the Choral Works of Roy Harris
Roy Harris is an American composer who has contributed and is still contributing to the field of modern music. This study is concerned with his choral music and the substantiation of the fact that his contributions in this field are outstanding and are expressive of a living Americanism. It is also the purpose of the study to examine and analyze the choral works of this notable Oklahoma composer and teacher in an effort to determine what Harris has to say musically and his method of expressing himself.
A Critical Appraisal of English Madrigals Currently Available in American Publication
The findings of this study should prove to be a boon to all those who enjoy performing madrigals, for through the cooperation of the leading music publishing houses in this country, a complete authoritative list of fine madrigals has been gathered. Many of these will be new both to the performers and the public.
Critical Evaluation of a Method of Teaching Beginning Reading
The problem of this study is to determine, by actual classroom experiment, the most advantageous method of teaching reading to beginners. In the accomplishment of this purpose, the writer made an intensive study of various methods and techniques of teaching beginning reading, a summary of which appears in the second chapter of this thesis, and applied some of the fundamental principles of each method to the actual teaching of beginning reading to her first-grade pupils in the elementary school of Valley View, Texas.
Dark Adaptation Studies with Adults and Children, Using the Biophotometer
The present study is a part of a long-time cooperative study of the Home Economics Department of the North Texas State Teachers College, begun in 1940. The purpose is to compare the dark adaptations of second and third-grade children made in 1940 with those made of the same children in 1941 and in 1942. Also included in this study is the comparison of a group of freshmen college men made in 1940 with a group of twenty-five men made in 1942. An attempt is also made to determine whether an individual has higher dark adaptation on sunshiny days than on cloudy days.
The Deputy State Superintendent in Texas From 1933 to 1941
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the work of the Deputy State Superintendents on the high schools of Texas.
Determination of an Adequate Course of Industrial Arts for Ninth Grade in Terms of Child Needs, Psychological Possibilities, and Social Needs
This is a study to determine an adequate course for ninth-grade industrial arts in terms of child needs, psychological possibilities, and social needs, as indicated by the ninth-grade boys in Bowie High School, El Paso, Texas.
A Determination of the Effects of Various Concentrations of Sodium Chloride upon the Growth of Three Species of Bacteria
The problem in this investigation is to determine the effects of various concentrations of sodium chloride upon the growth of three species of bacteria. An effort has been made to solve this problem, not only by a study of the relevant literature, but also by laboratory research consisting of cultivation and observation of the three organisms which were arbitrarily chosen for this study.
Determining the Necessary Changes in Administration Program to Reduce Any Existing Inconsistencies Between Theory and Practice in Typical Rural High Schools in Texas
A study to determine if the administrators of most rural high schools in Texas are putting their theory into practice, and if not, what changes are to be made in the administration of typical rural high schools of Texas in order that theory and practice may be brought closer together.
Developing and Using an Evaluation Technique to Measure Administrative Personnel Practices
The problem of this thesis is to develop a technique to evaluate administrative personnel practices in schools.
The Development of an Intramural Program for Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Boys in the Paschal High School, Fort Worth, Texas
The purpose of this study is to develop plans for an intramural program for boys in the Paschal High School, Fort Worth, Texas.
Development of Criteria for Evaluating Some Guidance Practices of the Student Council and Home Room Organizations of the Junior High School
The problem of this study is the development of criteria for the evaluation of some of the guidance practices that are found in the student council and the home room organizations of a junior high school. The major consideration has been given to the development of the evaluative criteria, and not to the evaluation of the practices. The problem may be considered as three-fold in its scope. A solution has been attempted through the following steps: First, it will establish a method of evaluating the practices of the organizations mentioned. Second, it will analyze some of the common practices of these organizations through an application of the evaluative device to the practices. Third, it will record the findings, conclusions, and recommendations.
The Development of Easy Reading Materials for a Group of Slow Learners in the Second Grade
The problem of this study was undertaken to determine what reading material might be developed from the meaningful vocabularies, experiences, and interests of some slow learners from one of the second grades of Nederland, Texas.
Diet in Relation to Health and Some Common Diseases
The purpose of this study is to present a concise and practical method of applying diet management in health and in some common diseases.
Edaphic Factors Which Control the Distribution of the Common Mesquite, Prosopis Chilensis (Molina) Stuntz in Denton County, Texas
This paper deals with the distributional outgrowths of Prosopis chilensis (Molina) Stuntz, the common mesquite, in Denton County, Texas.
Education on America's Last Frontier (Alaska)
This thesis covers the history of education in Alaska, the federal school system, the territorial school system, the University of Alaska, Alaska's teachers, and the future of Alaskan education.
An Educational Program to Fit the Needs of Elementary School Children During War Times
The problem of this study is: (1) to determine the dominant democratic values which are important to the child; (2) to recognize disturbing elements in the lives of children today which threaten these values, including those eventualities for which the children must be prepared in the light of the experiences of other countries; (3) to discover ways in which some teachers have sought to meet changing conditions; and (4) to combine these findings into a workable program.
The Effect of the Mental Hygiene of the Adult on the Mental Hygiene of the Child in This Emergency
The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship which the thought patterns of parents have upon the ideas of the children in the present national and world emergency. Attention is also given to the background study of the present conflict, the attitudes that should prevail, and the stress that should be placed upon democracy.
The Effects of Two Types of Teaching Reading Upon Reading Progress, Social Maturity Progress, and Arithmetic Reasoning and Computation
The problem of this thesis is to evaluate the progress in general reading efficiency of a group of children taught by the socialized group plan, as compared to a group of children taught by the traditional reading plan and to determine whether the socialized group plan aids in the development of certain other general attributes, such as arithmetic reasoning, arithmetic computation, and social maturity growth.
An Evaluation of Activities That Effect Better Parent-Teacher Cooperation in Relation to Child Development and Welfare
To evaluate activities that effect better parent-teacher cooperation in relation to child development and welfare is the purpose of this study. The five types of activities about which information was desired included personal conferences, communication, parent-teacher association, visitation, and parental education.
An Evaluation of an Organizational Plan for the Intermediate School of Edinburg, Texas
The problem of this thesis is to determine what implications a democratic society and the biological explanation of growth and learning make to an educational program and to measure the program planned for the Intermediate School of Edinburg, Texas, by these implications.
An Evaluation of Educational Motion Picture Films Available in the Fort Worth Public Schools Film Library for Elementary Grades
The following study was undertaken as an investigation in the field of visual education for those teachers who may be interested in applying this form of visual aids to instruction.
An Evaluation of Junior High School Social Studies
The purpose of this study is to determine as accurately as possible the needs of adolescents in the junior high school and the extent to which these needs are being met by certain social-studies programs.
Evaluation of Some School Shops on the Basis of Pupil Interest
The problem at hand is an attempt to evaluate the industrial-arts shops of three schools on the basis of pupil interests. Primary emphasis will be placed upon the various interests of industrial-arts pupils, and then the shops will be studied for the purpose of discovering whether they foster such interests as the pupils may have been shown to possess.