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Primary view of Aquatic Heterotrophic Bacteria Active in the Biotransformation of Anthracene and Pentachlorophenol
Entezami, Azam A. (Azam Alsadat)
August 1985
Primary view of Aspects of the Thermal Ecology of Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) in North Central Texas
Venables, Barney J.
December 1976
Primary view of Assessing the Effects of a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent on Zooplankton, Phytoplankton and Corbicula Flumina in a Constructed Wetland
Hymel, Stephanie Ramick
May 1995
Primary view of Assessing the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of MTBE and BTEX Compounds in Lake Lewisville, Texas February 1999 - February 2000
Lee, Anne W.
August 2000
Primary view of An Assessment of Storm Water Toxicity from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and Denton, Texas
Keating, Paul Redmond
August 1995
Primary view of An Assessment of the Use of Seeding, Mowing, and Burning in the Restoration of an Oldfield to Tallgrass Prairie in Lewisville, Texas
Windhager, Steven
August 1999
Primary view of Biodiversity of Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata) of the South-Central Nearctic and Adjacent Neotropical Biotic Provinces
Abbott, John C.
May 1999
Primary view of Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Two Southwestern Reservoirs
Lawley, Gary G.
August 1973
Primary view of Biology and Energetics of Tropisternus Lateralis Nimbatus (SAY) (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae) in a Playa on the Southern High Plains of Texas and Aquatic Coleoptera Diversity from Seven Playas on the Southern High Plains of Texas
Cook, Robert E. (Robert Edward), 1969-
December 1997
Primary view of Carbon Flux in Reservoir Sediments
Newton, Charles Eugene
May 1973
Primary view of Characterizing the Municipal Solid Waste Stream in Denton, Texas
Brady, Patricia D.
August 2000
Primary view of Comparative Chemistry of Thermally Stressed North Lake and Its Water Source, Elm Fork Trinity River
Sams, Barry L.
December 1976
Primary view of Degradation of Phenolic Acids by Azotobacter Species Isolated from Sorghum Fields
Al-Hadhrami, Mohamed N. (Mohamed Nasser)
August 1989
Primary view of Descriptions, Life History and Case-Building Behavior of Culoptila cantha (Trichoptera: Glossosomatidae) in the Brazos River, Texas
Houghton, David Charles
August 1997
Primary view of The Detection of Poliovirus in Denton Sewage by Immunofluorescence and Immunodiffusion Techniques
Olaiya, Felix Ayodele
August 1975
Primary view of Developing a Forest Gap Model to Be Applied to a Watershed-scaled Landscape in the Cross Timbers Ecoregion Using a Topographic Wetness Index
Goetz, Heinrich
August 2014
Primary view of Distribution, Abundance, and Food Habits of Larval Fish in a Cooling Reservoir
Mitterer, Lana Gayle
December 1978
Primary view of The Distribution of Pathogenic Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Sewage
Labay, Joseph Edward
May 1974
Primary view of Effects of a Water Conservation Education Program on Water Use in Single-family Homes in Dallas, Texas
Serna, Victoria Faubion
December 2014
Primary view of Effects of Water Quality, Instream Toxicity, and Habitat Variability on Fish Assemblages in the Trinity River, Texas
Arnold, Winfred R., 1960-
December 1989
Primary view of Eutrophication Potential of Reclaimed Wastewater: An Ecological Study of Water Reuse in an Urban Texas Reservoir
Dodson, Susan Boyd
May 1987
Primary view of Evaluating Fish Impingement and Entrainment at the Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station
Bauml, George A. (George Arthur)
May 1996
Primary view of An Evaluation of Fish and Macroinvertebrate Response to Effluent Dechlorination in Pecan Creek
Wise, Patricia D. (Patricia Diane)
May 1995
Primary view of Fitness-Related Alterations in Blood Pressure Control: The Role of the Autonomic Nervous System
Smith, Michael Lamar, 1957-
December 1986