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The Administration of Don Heath Morris at Abilene Christian College

Description: This study is concerned with the administrative and educational contributions of Don Heath Morris to Abilene Christian College. The aim of this investigation is to ascertain the purposes of those who founded Abilene Christian College and to study the effects of the philosophy and work of Don H. 'Morris on the school. Attention is also given to the changes that occurred in Morris' philosophy as he adjusted to the vicissitudes of a growing college during a period when American higher education was making dramatic changes. Perhaps the outstanding quality of Don H. Morris as a college administrator was his persistence and single-mindedness in pressing for the achieving of the school's goals. He had the ability to see a goal clearly and to work toward it tirelessly. He never allowed the burdens of office that might have deterred a less committed and determined person to come between him and his devotion to the purposes of the school. Morris' basic philosophy of Christianity and Christian education was matured and intensified during his years at Abilene Christian College. His life was fulfilled in his work at Abilene Christian College, and Abilene Christian College bears the lasting impression of his personality and philosophy.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Cosgrove, Owen

An Analysis of the Alexander Cooper Report on Housing for the Central Business District of Dallas

Description: The questions arising over the deterioration of the 0BD have brought this topic to the attention of the public. This thesis will discuss the Central Business District of D311a5 and its decline. In order to study alternatives to these downward trends, the Central Business District Association of Dallas commissioned Alexander Cooper to make. an analysis of the possibilities for one alternative, namely, housing. The purpose of this study is to examine the le.rander Cooper Report on housing. The facts presented in this thesis will provide an analytical base of urban theory from which a discussion of housing prospects will be initiated. The feasibility of dointovm housing construction will 'be examined as it is presented in the Cooper Report.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Armstrong, Sonia V.

Aspects of the Thermal Ecology of Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) in North Central Texas

Description: The coefficient of body temperature change (K) ranged from -0.53 to -0.072 for bass weighing 73-1440 g. The double log regression of K on weight was similar to that reported for other poikilotherms (slope = -0.57; R = 0.93). Fingerling bass were eurythermal, being capable of surviving instantaneous temperature changes over a 20 C range at acclimation temperatures of 15, 25 and 30 C and over a 15 C range at acclimation temperatures of 20 and 35 C. Preferred temperatures for adult bass measured in the laboratory ranged from 27-32 C with no relationship to day or night. The overall mean preferred temperature was 29 C. The laboratory determined preferred temperatures were supported by limited field determined body temperatures taken in a vertical temperature gradient near the discharge of a power plant effluent. Routine metabolic rates of bass from a heated reservoir and a nearby hatchery were similar from 10-30 C in summer and winter. The weight exponent (0.77) and Q^gS (1*6-2.9) were similar to those published for more northern bass populations; however, the Texas bass had lower metabolic rates than those published for the northern populations. Bass exposed to rapid temperature increase (0.2 C/min) from 25-30 C increased their metabolic rate by 53% but showed no detectable increase in opercular rate. Bass warmed from 30-35 C and 30-33 C increased their metabolic rate by 140%, and their opercular rates increased to over 100 beats per minute before death.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Venables, Barney J.

Attitudes Toward Psychodiagnostic Testing and Doctoral Clinical Psychology Students' Professional Expectations and Training

Description: Responses of 111 doctoral clinical psychology students to Garfield and Kurtz' (1973) Testing Attitude Scale were subjected to a 2 x 2 factorial analysis. Attitudes toward psychodiagnostic testing were found to be related both to academic versus nonacademic professional expectations (academics scoring more negatively, M = 32.69, than nonacademics, M = 37.19), F (1, 107) = 5.994, p < 0.016, and to internship training exposure (non-interns scoring more negatively, M = 34.64, than interns, M = 38.80), F (1, 107) = 10.321, p< 0.002. Results paralleled previous research on academic and nonacademic working psychologists' attitudes. Similarities in students' and role models' attitudes were discussed in terms of Kelman's (1953; 1958), Festinger's (1957), and Bem's (1970) attitude theories. Results seemed to imply continued controversy over both the desirability of producing psychodiagnostically oriented clinicians, and also traditional paradigms of psychodiagnostic training.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Steele, J. Richard

Catalog of North Texas State University, 1976-1977, Graduate

Description: The North Texas State University Graduate Bulletin includes information about class offerings as well as general information about the university (academic calendar, admissions and degree requirements, financial information, etc.) about research, and about the colleges and schools on campus. Index starts on page 196.
Date: March 1976
Creator: North Texas State University

Catalog of North Texas State University, 1976-1977, Undergraduate

Description: The North Texas State University Undergraduate Bulletin includes information about class offerings as well as general information about the university (academic calendar, admissions and degree requirements, financial information, etc.) about research, and about the colleges and schools on campus. Index starts on page 156.
Date: April 1976
Creator: North Texas State University

A Catalogue of American Victorian Chairs and Sofas at Dallas Old City Park Restoration Village, January 1, 1975

Description: The purpose of this study is to catalogue the chairs and sofas of Old City Park that reflects the American Victorian style and to provide a brief historical account of the style's development. Old City Park in Dallas, Texas is the first major restoration of its kind in the Dallas area. Its aim is to provide an educational as well as historical center for the city. The restoration project began when Millermore, a Southern Colonial house built in 1862, was moved to Old City Park and an agreement was made between the Dallas Park Department and the Dallas County Heritage Society for its erection and restoration. the Society and the Park Department agreed ti create a heritage center in the Old City Park that will illustrate the growth and development of Dallas from 1841 to 1910. This catalogue was done to help justify the historical significance of the furnishing collections destined for use in the restoration of Old City Park. Organized according to substyles, the catalogue contains data collected on each entry and is illustrated by color slides. A brief account of the American Victorian Period precedes these entries.
Date: May 1976
Creator: Burgess, Sue Irene

Caucasian, Negro, and Mexican-American Attitudes Toward Recreation Program Elements Within a Metropolitan Parks and Recreation Department

Description: The purpose of the investigation was to determine if participant attitudes toward recreation program elements varied significantly according to racial origin of the individual. The subjects were adults involved in structured and unstructured recreation programs at six community recreation centers operated by the Dallas Recreation Department. The chi-square test was used to determine significance of the difference among participant attitudes. The results of the investigation revealed a statistically significant difference among the three racial groups with regard to their attitudes toward various program elements. Conclusions were that participants from these three racial groups appear to be more different than alike in their attitude toward recreation programming.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Miles, Robert G.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman: A Humanist Approach to Feminism

Description: Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935), writer and lecturer, provided philosophical guidance to the feminist movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, During a career spanning the years 1890 to 1935 she published eleven books, wrote articles for popular magazines, and lectured throughout the United States and Europe. Between 1909 and 1916 she wrote, edited, and published a monthly magazine entitled The Forerunner. Gilman's efforts dealt primarily with the status of women, but she described herself as a humanist rather than a feminist. She explained that her interest in women arose from a concern that, as one-half of humanity, their restricted role in society retarded human progress. Thus, Gilman's contribution to feminism must be viewed within the context of her humanist philosophy. Gilman's contribution to feminism lies in her diagnosis of woman's predicament as ideological rather than political and, hence, subject to self-resolution. The uniqueness of Gilman's approach is in the autonomous nature of her solution: Woman, through the full use of her human powers, could achieve the equality that decades of political agitation had failed to accomplish. The rationale for this dissertation lies in the premise that Gilman's humanist approach to feminism made a significant contribution in her own day and offers insight into women's present status.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Potts, Helen Jo

Comparative Chemistry of Thermally Stressed North Lake and Its Water Source, Elm Fork Trinity River

Description: To better understand abiotic dynamics in Southern reservoirs receiving heated effluents, water was analyzed before and after impoundment in 330 ha North Lake. Macronutrients, metals, and chlorinated hydrocarbons were measured. Concentrations of nutrients and metals in sediments were quantified in this 2 yr study. River water prior to impoundment contained 16 times more total phosphorus, and supported 23 times more Selenastrum capricornutum cells in an algal assay than reservoir water. The reservoir has essentially no drainage and since evaporation is high, the concentrations of many dissolved solids have increased since the reservoir was filled in 1958. North Lake is now phosphorus limited. Apparently altered chemical equilibria have caused precipitation or adsorption of phosphorus with calcium and iron.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Sams, Barry L.

A Comparison of Job Corps Graduates and Non-Graduates with Respect to Selected Academic and Psychological Variables

Description: The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that of determining the academic as well as psychological differences between the McKinney Texas Job Corps graduates and non-graduates. The purpose of the study is to gain knowledge that will be useful in the guidance of Job Corps students. Nine hypotheses were formulated to investigate the relationship between academic achievement and certain selected academic and psychological variables. It was concluded that significant personality differences do exist among the McKinney Job Corps graduates and non-graduates. Chronological age is a significant variable with respect to success at the Job Corps Center. Academic variables are not useful indicators of success at the Job Corps training program.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Lall, Amrit S.

A Comparison of Opinions of Institutional Leaders Concerning the Goals of Independent Senior Colleges and Universities in Texas

Description: The purposes of this study were (1) to identify the major goals of independent senior colleges and universities in Texas, (2) to survey the opinions of persons in positions of leadership in independent senior colleges and universities in Texas with respect to existing and preferred goals, (2) to determine if there are significant differences of opinion among these persons, and (4) to develop projections of the probably priorities for goals of independent senior colleges and universities in Texas, based upon the expressed opinions of these persons in positions of leadership. According to the opinions of institutional leaders, the major goals pertain to quality faculty and academic freedom, to areas which are directly related to the personal, social, and intellectual development of students, and to the continuance of quality academic programs. Based on the opinions of these groups, plans and decisions in independent higher education in Texas over the next decade will be influenced more by financial matters than by any other factor. Other goals which will be important include continued development of strong academic programs, spiritual and moral growth of students, stabilization of enrollment, and development and retention of quality faculty.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Bawcom, Jerry G.

A Comparison of Perceived Exertion Ratings of Aerobic Dance and Treadmill Performances Among College Age Males and Females

Description: The purposes of the study were to compare ratings of perceived exertion of aerobic dance and treadmill performances under equal work loads and to compare ratings of perceived exertion by males and females in aerobic dance and treadmill work. Subjects were twenty-six college men and women in co-educational conditioning classes. Heart rates were monitored after work bouts and perceived exertion was determined using Borg's RPE scale. Data were analyzed by a two-way analysis of variance with repeated measures. Conclusions of the investigation were: (1) aerobic dance is perceived as less strenuous than the treadmill under equal work loads, and (2) males and females perceive aerobic dance as less strenuous than the treadmill under equal energy bouts.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Walker, Nancy D.

A Description of Leisure Counseling Services in Texas Community Mental Health and Mental Retardation Centers

Description: The purpose of this study is to determine the extent of leisure counseling provided in Texas Community Mental Health and Mental Retardation Centers. Data was gathered from responses to a survey sent to Texas Community MHMR Centers. There was a ninety-three per cent response rate. The results indicated leisure counseling was not being provided, although some minor components of leisure counseling were being conducted at individual centers. Recommendations were made for expansion of recreation programs, the institution of counseling sessions dealing with leisure related topics on a regular basis, the use of leisure interests.:assessment instruments, and the development of a systematic recreation information referral system.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Fikes, Charles R.

A Descriptive Study of Value Systems within a School District in Texas

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine the various values that can be found in teachers of an open school system and how those values differed among various teacher groups within the school. The value systems (Tribalistic, Egocentric, Conformist, Manipulative, Sociocentric, and Existential) were based on the "Levels of Psychological Existence" developed by Clare W. Graves. A values test was utilized in order to collect data. The "Values for Teaching Test" was administered to 492 teachers and staff members of the school district. Specific hypotheses regarding value differences in selective teachers and staff groups were tested. The results were significant on the following levels-- existential, sociocentric, and conformist with relation to grade level taught, educational job profile, and sex of the respondent.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Long, Penelope N.

A Descriptive Study of Value Systems within Law Enforcement Organizations in Texas

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine the various values that influence police officers within law enforcement organizations. The value systems (Tribalistic, Egocentric, Conformist, Manipulative, Sociocentric, and Existential) were based on the "Levels of Psychological Existence" developed by Clare W. Graves. A values test instrument was administered to 297 police officers. Specific hypotheses regarding value differences in law enforcement groups were tested. The results were significant in the areas of Existentialism and higher personal education; Sociocentrism and older age, male sex, detective rank group; Manipulation and younger age, male sex, officer rank group; Conformitism and longer police service, female sex, married officers; and, Tribalism and longer police service, female sex, less personal education.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Rieke, Reint Neal

The Development of an Art I Curriculum Guide for the Mesquite Independent School District

Description: This study reports on the development of a curriculum guide to insure some degree of experience uniformity in the first art course available to students in high schools in Mesquite, Texas. Current general education and art education literature as well as curriculum guides from American schools provided the behaviorally oriented framework and objectives, content, and teaching strategies. The guide reflects a balance between the ideal and the real physical environment in which the guide will be implemented. Conclusions include the concepts that teacher education in using behavioral objectives is necessary, that a behaviorally oriented guide will work in Mesquite high schools, that behavioral objectives will facilitate evaluation, and that the trend toward tri-part subject content will increase in art curricula.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Bradley, Cynthia Cathy

The Dynamics of a Planktonic Microcrustacean Community in a Small North Central Texas Pond Ecosystem

Description: Seven species of planktonic microcrustacea were identified from the North Texas State University Golf Course Pond. Total adult microcrustacean community density, biomass and biocontent, and seasonal cycles of each species were compared with northern populations. Species diversity and evenness indices were highest in summer and lowest in spring. Variations in microcrustacean density showed a positive correlation with density of phytoplankton. Temperature had a direct effect on metabolic rates of two species of copepods. Metabolic rates of pond species were lower at common temperatures than those of northern populations. An estimate of annual energy flow through the pond ecosystem showed cladocerans contributed the greater percentage of total energy to the next trophic level.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Smith, George Arthur

The Effect of Hypoxic Training Upon the Speed of Sprint Freestyle in High School Competitive Swimming

Description: This study investigated possible effects of hypoxic training upon speed of high school sprint freestyle. Thirty-eight subjects, grouped as their two schools, performed identical loads during the ten-week program. The Experimental group used hypoxic techniques for about one-half of each workout. Pretests and posttests conducted for the 50-yard and 100-yard distances yielded highly correlated mean scores, with marked differences between the two groups. Analysis of covariance was used, selecting the .05 level for rejection. The comparison of adjusted group means indicated neither group superior at 50 yards, while the 100-yard F-ratio was significant at the .0047 level favoring hypoxic training. It is recommended that hypoxic techniques be incorporated into existing programs, possibly benefitting other strokes.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Young, William Lee

The Effects of Change on Television News: A Comparison of the 10:00 p.m. News of the Dallas-Fort Worth Network Affiliates

Description: The study determines and evaluates changes in the 10:00 p.m. newscasts of the Dallas-Fort Worth network affiliates following personnel and ownership changes, and a reduction in length of one station's newscast. Scripts and audio recordings of the newscasts were collected during four-week periods before and after the changes. The data were analyzed and supplemented with interviews conducted with the stations' news directors and producers. Conclusions drawn were that ownership changes had more impact on the presentation of the news than on its content, changes in anchormen and producers had more effect on presentation than on content, and a reduction in news time caused changes in the content of a television newscast.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Sparks, John Henry

An Empirical Examination of Conflict Theory: Race and Sentence Length

Description: The conflict perspective of criminology and societal reaction to crime suggests that the administration of criminal justice is determined and controlled by those segments of society which are relatively powerful. Based on this perspective, it is reasonable to expect that relatively powerful groups or categories will be far less subject to severe criminal sanctions than will those who are relatively powerless. This proposition may be tested at points in the criminal justice system where decisions are made relative to the application of criminal sanction. The findings are that the relationship between race of offender and sentence length considered both with and without selected control variables is a uniformly weak relationship. In certain categories of control variables the relationship between race of offender and sentence length does strengthen slightly, but in no case are the relationships sufficiently strong to be significant at the .05 level. Partial correlation coefficients show the relationship between race of offender and sentence length to be little affected by the control variables. Therefore, the relationship between race of offender and sentence length is in all cases considered, and by every form of analysis, quite weak. Proportional reduction in error in virtually every case considered in this study is less than 1 percent.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Dison, Jack E.

An Evaluation of the Impact of Citizen Participation on the Goals for Dallas Program as Developed and Implemented by the City of Dallas, Texas

Description: This study is designed to evaluate the impact of citizen participation in the Goals for Dallas program on the establishment and accomplishment of the goals. Also evaluated are the impact of community leaders on the program, the extent and degree of citizen participation, factors which encouraged and discouraged participation, the impact of local media, and the impact on citizen participants of participating. Twenty-five specific findings are presented, based on the compilation and analysis of inputs received from the citizens and community leaders. Among the most important of these are as follows. 1) The extent of participation on the part of those citizens who did participate in the program was significant. 2) Related to the total adult population of the city, the extent of total citizen participation was small. 3) The program as designed and implemented did have a substantial impact in assisting to overcome citizen apathy in the city. 4) The key items which tended to encourage citizen participation were publicity, civic duty, neighborhood meetings, and personal rewards. 5) The general factors which discouraged citizen participation were general suspicion of the program, general apathy, lack of publicity, and a general suspicion of government. 6) Citizen participation had a significant impact on the establishment of goals, and citizen action did modify 60 percent of the originally proposed goals and created twelve new goals. 7) Citizen participation did have some. Impact on the accomplishment of goals, but this impact was relatively small. 8) The citizenry by a substantial majority believes that a misunderstanding exists between the citizens and the leadership concerning the role of citizen involvement in this program. 9) The citizen participants in this program believe that participation in this effort increased their competency as citizens. Based on the analysis and interpretation of data, comments, and opinions gathered during this study, ...
Date: August 1976
Creator: Rodgers, Joseph P.

A Follow-Up Study of the 1974-1975 Graduates of North Texas State University Who Obtained Certification to Teach

Description: This study investigates various factors related to North Texas State University graduates who were certified to teach and obtains those graduates’ appraisal of the extent to which the teacher education program is meeting their needs. The purposes of this study are to determine the extent to which North Texas State University teacher education graduates are carrying out the personal and professional activities for which they were prepared and to determine the effectiveness of selected aspects of the teacher education program. It is also the purpose of this study to solicit opinions of the graduates concerning the strengths and weaknesses of the program. The findings of the study support the following conclusions: 1. A majority of the graduates are well prepared by the teacher education program to enter the teaching profession. 2. Teacher education graduates have a positive self-concept concerning their success as teachers and they are highly satisfied with teaching as a profession. 3. Student teaching is considered by the graduates to be the strongest and most important course in their preparation for the teaching profession. It was also considered to be the most valuable course by those who are now teaching. 4. Earlier and more frequent classroom observations and experiences should be provided for teacher education students prior to their student teaching experience, especially those who are seeking secondary certification. 5. Graduates indicated a need for upgrading experiences associated with student teaching. Additional time spent in the actual student teaching experience, and more personal observation and feedback by the university student teaching coordinator were areas identified for consideration. 6. Graduates were satisfied with the overall professional education program. Early, basic required education courses drew the greatest amount of criticism from graduates. Only one upper-level professional course failed to meet an adequate mean value rating. Various courses offered composed the ...
Date: August 1976
Creator: Nicklas, Willis L.

Foundry Facilities in Industrial Arts Programs in the State of Texas

Description: The problem of this study was to determine how much foundry equipment exists in the high schools of Texas and to determine to what extent it is being utilized. The data for this study were provided by thirty-seven metalworking instructors of Texas high schools. Of the Texas high schools offering metalworking as a part of the industrial arts curriculum, few appear to have adequate foundry facilities. In addition, a deficiency seems evident in the background and training in foundry of the metalworking instructors.
Date: May 1976
Creator: Lange, Robert Douglas