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Primary view of An Analysis of American Choral Folk Music Currently Available in Domestic Publication
Hardie, Thomas Chalmers
August 1949
Primary view of An Analysis of the Course of Study for Instrumental Music Courses in the High Schools of Texas
Howard, William Harmon
June 1941
Primary view of Contribution of the Westminster Choir Movement to American Choral Music
Schmoyer, Helen Cecelia
June 1942
Primary view of An Experimental Investigation of the Value of Music Workbooks in Junior High Music Classes
Milam, Lena
August 1941
Primary view of An Experimental Treatment of Inaccurate Singers in the Intermediate Grades
Allen, Sheila Emery
August 1945
Primary view of Five Year Band Program for Vanderbilt School
Reves, Wayman Aubrey
August 1948
Primary view of Guidance Factors in the Selection of Students for the Study of Instrumental Music in the Public Schools of Tulsa, Oklahoma
Hayes, Kenneth, 1908-
August 1940
Primary view of The History of the Development of Public School Music in Taylor County, Texas
Moore, Katrina Lee
July 1943
Primary view of The Improvement of Musically Deficient Children at the Elementary Level in the East Van Zandt School, Fort Worth, Texas
Montgomery, Willie Fayette
August 1945
Primary view of Initiating a Music Supervisory Program in a Small School
Carney, Ruth, 1907-
August 1943
Primary view of An Instrumental Program Especially Suitable for the Goose Creek Independent School District
Parker, Fred Sherman
June 1947
Primary view of The Music Preparation of Elementary Education Majors in the Teacher Training Institutions of Texas
Elliott, Elois Allison
May 1943
Primary view of The Musical Setting of Eight Choruses for Typical Music Classes of Grades Four to Six
Hamilton, Mary Joe
September 1942
Primary view of Prerequisites and Requirements for a Master's Degree in Music of Selected Schools of the National Association of Schools of Music
Huddleston, Mary Elizabeth
August 1941
Primary view of The Status and Administration of Student Dance Bands in Colleges and Universities in the United States
Johnson, James W. (James Winfred)
May 1947
Primary view of A Survey of Educational and Professional Background of Piano Teachers in the Colleges and Universities of the United States
Childress, Frances
June 1948
Primary view of Ten Assembly Programs for Intermediate Grades Designed to Further the Understanding of Mexican Culture in our Schools
Gross, Marjorie Clark
August 1945