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Primary view of Banking and Economic Growth in India
Anthraper, Alphiene
August 1977
Primary view of Cross-Cultural Validity of the Test of Non-Verbal Intelligence
Parmar, Rene S. (Rene Sumangala)
August 1988
Primary view of Impact of the Policies of the National Government on the Organization of Business and Management Styles in India
Khan, Mohamed Afzal
May 1972
Primary view of India's Nonalignment Policy and the American Response, 1947-1960
Georgekutty, Thadathil V. (Thadathil Varghese)
May 1987
Primary view of Indo-Soviet Relations: The Implications of Soviet-United States Rivalry in the Indian Ocean, 1968-1976
Wannitikul, Udsanee
December 1978
Primary view of Institutionalization of Ethics: a Cross-Cultural Perspective
Jose, Anita
August 1996
Primary view of Microcredit, Women, and Empowerment: Evidence From India
Singh, Swati
December 2014
Primary view of The Origin and Development of the Caste System in India
Bivens, Clarence S.
Primary view of The Role of the Peasant Masses in Marxian Political Theory and Practice: a Comparison of Classical and Indian Marxian Views
Mathews, Eapen P.
December 1975
Primary view of The Sino-Indian Border Confrontation of 1962
Wah, Wun Kin
January 1969
Primary view of Study of the Programs of Professional Preparation in Physical Education Colleges in India; Comparison of the Programs with the Recommendations Made by a National Conference on Professional Preparation in Health Education, Physical Education and Recreation Education, Washington, D. C., 1962
Quraishi, Abdul S.
May 1977
Primary view of Tribhuvan University and its Educational Activities in Nepal
Poudel, Madan Raj
August 1989