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Primary view of History of Railway Development in China
Dawson, Homer W.
May 1939
Primary view of China's Industry and the Impact of the War Upon It
Harris, Margaret B.
Primary view of Communism in China
Dickie, Alex, Jr.
Primary view of A Comparison and Analysis of Western and Chinese Views of the Economic History of China
Leung, Kwok-wing
January 1967
Primary view of General Albert C. Wedemeyer and the Fall of China
Shelton, Jerry R.
August 1967
Primary view of The Sino-Indian Border Confrontation of 1962
Wah, Wun Kin
January 1969
Primary view of Freshwater Under Threat: South Asia
Babel, Mukland S. & Wahid, Shahriar M.
unknown creation date
Primary view of Heading for 100 % renewable urban transport: Policy recommendations
Gust, Iris & Meusel, Titus
unknown creation date
Primary view of An Interpretation of Various Aspects of Dualism as Found in the Art of Africa and China
Lee, Jini Yet Har
January 1970
Primary view of The Question of Restrictions on Travel to China: a Case Study in United States-China Relations (1948-1971)
Smith, Bennie
August 1972
Primary view of The Legal System and Political Development in Communist China, 1949-1969
Lee, Shane R. (Shane Rong), 1942-
August 1973
Primary view of A Preliminary Study of Selected Factors Related to the Decision of Chinese Students to Remain in the United States or Return to Taiwan
Cheng, Mei Lien
May 1978
Primary view of A Comparison of Thailand's Relations with the United States and China, 1965-1975
Charoenratha, Benjavan
August 1978
Primary view of Law of the People's Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Water Pollution
Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, P.R. China
May 11, 1984
Primary view of Grassland Law of the People's Republic of China
National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China
June 18, 1985
Primary view of History and Development of Theory of Lü: A Translation of Selected Chapters of Huang Ti-Pei's Perspectives of Chinese Music
Chen, Whey-Fen
August 1985
Primary view of China Run
Grant, Michael E. (Michael Edward)
December 1986
Primary view of Energy Policy in the Republic of China and Japan, 1970-1985: A Comparative Examination of Energy Politics and Policies
Wang, Han-Kuo
August 1987
Primary view of Outer Edges of the Middle Kingdom
Lilly, Charles N.
December 1987
Primary view of Counseling Service Needs of Chinese College Students: Student, Faculty, and Student Affairs Staff Perceptions
Chang, Sheue Mei
May 1988
Primary view of Piano Music of Native Chinese Composers, with Particular Focus on the Piano Works Since 1950: a Lecture Recital, Together with Three Recitals of Selected Works of J.S. Bach, L.v. Beethoven, S. Prokofiev, F. Chopin, R. Schumann, J. Brahms, M. Ravel, and A. Skryabin
Yang, Shu-mei
May 1988
Primary view of A Study of the Perceptions of the Role of Deans of Students at Selected Universities in the Republic of China
Chen, Chin Kuei.
May 1988
Primary view of The Chinese Film Industry After 1976
Li, Yan, 1959-
August 1989
Primary view of The Curricular Content of Elementary Music in China Between 1912 and 1982
Ma, Shuhui
December 1989