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Primary view of A Comparison of Miller Analogies Test Scores with Undergraduate and Graduate Grade-Point Averages of Graduate Students
Matlosz, Don
January 1969
Primary view of The Effect of Induced Motivation on the I.Q. Scores of Negro Children
Jeffers, Joe M.
January 1969
Primary view of The Effectiveness of Sophisticated Toys in Play-Therapy with Twelve Year Old Children
Klinger, Ronald L.
January 1968
Primary view of Evaluation of School Units that Affected the Community
Yarbrough, James Lafayette
June 1939
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Hebron School, Hebron, Texas
Masters, Walter F.
August 1939
Primary view of The Influence of Goal Seeking on Pupil Achievement in the Second Grade
Gibbins, Una
August 1940
Primary view of The Relation Between Certain Home Factors and the Social and Academic Progress of the Second-Grade Pupils in the Robert E. Lee School, Denton, Texas
Parnell, J. D.
August 1940
Primary view of Relationship of the Tactile Sense to Learning by the Retarded
Harris, Carol Ann
August 1966
Primary view of Some Problems of Conflict Between High School Pupils and their Parents
Gray, William Excell
August 1940
Primary view of A Study of the Interest Patterns of Pre-Medical Students as Revealed by the Preference Record and the Strong Vocational Interest Inventory
Wisdom, Jessie R.
Primary view of A Survey of the Physical Education Programs for Girls in the Affiliated Schools within a Radius of Sixty Miles of Denton Texas
Morriss, May
June 1939