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An Analysis and Comparison of Infant's Speech with their Mother's Speech

Description: The present study is an investigation of certain aspects of the relationship which exists between the development of language of a child and the speech of his mother. An attempt was made to investigate the evolving speech pattern of the child as he is influenced by the speech patterns of his mother. Can one determine the age at which infants begin to develop speech similar to the speech patterns (intonation, phonemic content, distinctive feature content, place and manner of articulation) of their mother's speech?
Date: August 1969
Creator: Campbell, Bertha Joyce

An Evaluation of Ministerial Speech Training in Meeting the Speech Needs of Ministers in the Fort Worth-Dallas Area

Description: This study attempts to determine whether available ministerial speech training meets the current speech needs of active Protestant ministers by asking: 1. In the opinions of ministers, how comprehensive was their speech training? 2. In active ministers' opinions, what are the current speech needs of ministers? 3. According to the information obtained from school catalogs and the speech departments of the schools from which the ministers graduated, what speech training is available at these institutions? 4. According to a comparison of the speech needs (given by ministers) with the available speech training (indicated by the schools): A. Does the available speech training meet the current speech needs? B. If not, what recommendations are needed?
Date: August 1964
Creator: Evridge, Dorothy J.

The Practice and Procedures of Broadcasting for the Play-by-play Sports Announcer

Description: The problem is twofold. There have been short chapters on sports announcing included in most broadcasting textbooks. These chapters have given a limited, cursory explanation of the preparation necessary for aspiring sportscasters. Secondly, most authors have approached the field from the viewpoint of the researcher. This investigation approaches the problem from the viewpoint of a sports announcer who has started in small market radio and worked his way through to a responsible position in a major broadcasting area.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Mercer, William A.