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Primary view of Conceptualizations of Young, Middle-aged, and Older Adults and the Ingroup-outgroup Complexity Effect
Curtiss, Karin (Karin Elizabeth)
August 1999
Primary view of Congruence of Multi-level Perceptions Over the Length of Marriage and Marital Adjustment in Air Force Couples
Cone, Diane
August 1991
Primary view of The Consequences of Labeling a Person as Mentally Ill in an Urban Black Community
Driggers, John M.
May 1973
Primary view of Construct Use and Self-Aspect Change in Recovery From Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery: a Personal Construct Analysis
Zolten, Avram J. (Avram Jeffery)
May 1992
Primary view of A Construct Validation Study of the Personality Inventory for Youth (PIY) Using an Incarcerated Juvenile Population
Liff, Christine Denise
August 1997
Primary view of Construct Validity of Psychopathy in Mentally Disordered Offenders: A Multi-trait Multi-method Approach
Vitacco, Michael J.
May 2003
Primary view of Context, Cue Selection, and Transfer of Training
Framer, Edward M.
August 1972
Primary view of A Continuation in the Defining of the Construct of Optimism
Hinze, Travis Wayne
August 1997
Primary view of Contributing Risk Factors in the Association Between Sexual Abuse Experiences and Disturbed Eating Patterns in College Females
Tripp, Margaret Murphy
August 1999
Primary view of Control, Commitment, and Challenge: Relationships to Stress, Illness, and Gender
Embry, Judy K.
May 1992
Primary view of Correlates of Video Game Addiction
Langley, Alex
December 2010
Primary view of Creativity as Related to Social Perception, Anxiety and Self-concept
Billings, JoAnn Roberson
January 1963
Primary view of Cross-cultural Differences in the Presentation of Depressive Symptoms
Tse, Pui San
May 2015
Primary view of Cross-measure Equivalence and Communicability in the Assessment of Depression: a Fine-grained Focus on Factor-based Scales
González, David Andrés
August 2012
Primary view of Culture and Mental Health Help-Seeking Attitudes in Mexico.
Gomez, Steven David
May 2007
Primary view of Daily-collected Sleep Diaries Compared to Weekly-collected Sleep Diaries Via Actigraph Concordance
Francetich, Jade M.
May 2014
Primary view of Decisional Balance Scale: Restructuring a Measurement of Change for Adolescent Offenders
Jordan, Mandy
August 2005
Primary view of Deep Muscle Relaxation Obtained with Analog Electromyographic Information Feedback
Bates, Charles Edward
May 1973
Primary view of Demographic and Psychosocial Contributions to the Expression of Schizotypal Personality Traits.
Hernandez, Nikki
December 2010
Primary view of Demographic Variables and Their Relation to Self-Concept in Children with and Without Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Barton, Kimberly A.
August 2003
Primary view of Depression, Activities of Daily Living, and Retirement
Jackson, Lauren Innes
May 2006
Primary view of Depression in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Individuals: Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Diet
Edwards, Kate G.
December 2010
Primary view of Depression in Sixth-Grade Early Adolescents: Effects of Intimate Support, Relationship Conflict, and Self-Efficacy
Goodness, Kelly R.
August 1996
Primary view of Determinants of Effort and Associated Cardiovascular Response to a Behavioral Restraint Challenge
Agtarap, Stephanie
December 2015