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Primary view of A Reverberation Time Meter
Stockard, Raymond
Primary view of Dipole Moments of Olefenic Diesters
Shipley, Floyd D.
Primary view of A Deuterium-Deuterium Type Neutron Source
Windham, Pat M.
Primary view of A Two-Dimensional Model Study of Elastic Waves
Fulton, Thomas K.
Primary view of A Continuously Sensitive Cloud Chamber
Hughes, James E.
Primary view of Crystalline Polymorphism of Nitrates
Shepherd, Jimmie G.
Primary view of A Search for Periodic and Quasi-Periodic Patterns in Select Proxy Data with a Goal to Understanding Temperature Variation
Otto, James
May 2016
Primary view of Quantum Coherent Control and Propagation in Lambda System
Singh, Pooja
May 2016
Primary view of Charged Particle Transport and Confinement Along Null Magnetic Curves and in Various Other Nonuniform Field Configurations for Applications in Antihydrogen Production
Lane, Ryan Andrew
May 2016
Primary view of Interaction of Plasmons and Excitons for Low-Dimension Semiconductors
Lin, Jie (physicist)
December 2014
Primary view of Ion Beam Synthesis of Binary and Ternary Transition Metal Silicide Thin Films
Lakshantha, Wickramaarachchige Jayampath
December 2016
Primary view of Local Phase Manipulation for Multi-Beam Interference Lithography for the Fabrication of Two and Three Dimensional Photonic Crystal Templates
Lutkenhaus, Jeffrey Ryan
December 2016
Primary view of Low-Energy Electron Irradiation of Preheated and Gas-Exposed Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
Ecton, Philip
December 2016
Primary view of Highly Efficient Single Frequency Blue Laser Generation by Second Harmonic Generation of Infrared Lasers Using Quasi Phase Matching in Periodically Poled Ferroelectric Crystals
Khademian, Ali
August 2014
Primary view of Fractional Calculus and Dynamic Approach to Complexity
Beig, Mirza Tanweer Ahmad
December 2015
Primary view of Synthesis and Characterization of Ion Beam Assisted Silver Nanosystems in Silicon Based Materials for Enhanced Photocurrent Collection Efficiency
Dhoubhadel, Mangal S.
May 2015
Primary view of Variational Calculations of Positronium Scattering with Hydrogen
Woods, Denton
December 2015
Primary view of A Precise Few-nucleon Size Difference by Isotope Shift Measurements of Helium
Hassan Rezaeian, Nima
August 2015
Primary view of Complex Numbers in Quantum Theory
Maynard, Glenn
August 2015
Primary view of Oligonucleotide guanosine conjugated to gallium nitride nano-structures for photonics.
Li, Jianyou
August 2008
Primary view of Nanoscale Materials Applications: Thermoelectrical, Biological, and Optical Applications with Nanomanipulation Technology
Lee, Kyung-Min
August 2011
Primary view of The Interactions of Plasma with Low-k Dielectrics: Fundamental Damage and Protection Mechanisms
Behera, Swayambhu Prasad
August 2011
Primary view of Neutron Transmutation and Hydrogenation Study of Hg₁₋xCdxTe
Zhao, Wei
December 2007
Primary view of The Nonadditive Generalization of Klimontovich's S-Theorem for Open Systems and Boltzmann's Orthodes
Bagci, Gokhan Baris
August 2008