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Primary view of Intentions and Implementation of the Professional Development and Appraisal System in Texas
Davis-Frost, Diane
December 2000
Primary view of Well-Being and Academic Success in Gifted College Students: Early-College Entrants and Honors College Students
Boazman, Janette Kay
August 2010
Primary view of Peer Mediation: an Empirical Exploration Empowering Elementary School Children to Resolve Conflicts Constructively
Link, Kathleen Elizabeth Barbieri
August 1998
Primary view of Texas Public School Library Media Specialists' Perceptions of the Use of the Internet in their Schools
Bruns, Loretta A. (Loretta Ann)
June 1997
Primary view of Formal Education among the Siberian Yupik Eskimos on Sivuqaq, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska: an Ethno-Historical Study
Powell, Pam, 1958-
December 1998
Primary view of The effect of trade books on the environmental literacy of 11th and 12th graders in aquatic science.
Lewis, Ann S.
August 2003
Primary view of The Effects of Technology Integration Techniques in Elementary Mathematics Methods Courses on Elementary Preservice Teachers' Computer Self-Efficacy, Software Integration Confidence, and Lesson Planning
Maninger, Robert M.
August 2003
Primary view of A Case Study of the Impact of the Middle School Data Coach on Teacher Use of Educational Test Data to Change Instruction
Hill, Rachelle Phelps
December 2010
Primary view of The Effects of a Kindergarten-First Grade Looping Program on Academic Achievement and Self-Esteem
Murphy, Doris Jo
December 2002
Primary view of The impact of a junior high school leadership program on the academic success and leadership development of at-risk students.
Reed, Janice
May 2003
Primary view of Success Factors among Early College Entrants
Hoggan, Barbara
August 2008
Primary view of A meta-analysis of service learning research in middle and high schools.
White, Amy E.
December 2001
Primary view of Teenager's doing history out-of-school: An intrinsic case study of situated learning in history.
Johnston, Glenn T.
May 2008
Primary view of An Analysis of the Impact of Curriculum Management Audits on Public School Systems in Texas
Murdock, Sunnye (Sunnye J.)
August 1997
Primary view of Effects of a Technology Enriched Learning Environment on Student Development of Higher Order Thinking Skills
Hopson, Michael H. (Michael Hugh)
May 1998
Primary view of The influence of the Inquiry Institute on elementary teachers' perceptions of inquiry learning in the science classroom.
Williams-Rossi, Dara
May 2009
Primary view of The Impact of Collegial-Teaming on High-School and University Instructors: A Descriptive Multi-Case Study
Dearman, Christina T.
December 2011
Primary view of Effects of Technology-Enhanced Language Learning on Second Language Composition of University-Level Intermediate Spanish Students
Oxford, Raquel Malia Nitta
December 2004
Primary view of Religiousness, current substance use, and early risk indicators for substance abuse and dependence among nursing students.
Gnadt, Bonnie
December 2004
Primary view of The significance of supportive structure in improving student achievement in knowledge of the history of the Christian church in a Kenyan Bible college.
Duncan, David D.
May 2004
Primary view of The Representation of Hispanic Females in Gifted and Talented and Advanced Placement Programs in a Selected North-Central Texas Public High School
Brown, Monty
May 2007
Primary view of Novice Generalist and Content teachers’ Perceptions of Contextual Factors Affecting Personal Teaching Efficacy
Hooten, Dorleen Billman
August 2011
Primary view of Sheltered Instruction: A Case Study of Three High School English Teachers' Experiences with the SIOP Model
Bertram, Rodney L.
May 2011
Primary view of Examining the effects of scheduled course time on mathematics achievement in high school students.
Mallory, Kelli D.
May 2007