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Primary view of Violent Female Offending: Examining the Role of Psychopathy and Comorbidity with DSM-IV Personality Disorders
Hilving, Rebecca
August 2010
Primary view of Life without Parole for Juvenile Offenders: Questions of Legality and Adolescent Culpability
Corrington, David L.
August 2010
Primary view of "It's Technical": Exploring the Determinents to Technical Probation Revocations Among Felony Probationers
Dixon, Ashford Leon
May 2011
Primary view of Responding to Child Sexual Abuse: Exploring the Case Files of Children Under the Age of 6 Admitted to a Children’s Advocacy Center for Evaluation
Glassner, Steven
August 2011
Primary view of Synthetic Cannabinoid Usage among College Students: The Example of K2 and Spice
Stephens, Jason L.
August 2011
Primary view of Homeland Security Roles and Responsibilities: an Examination of Texas Police Chiefs’ Perceptions
Thimamontri, Apinya
August 2012
Primary view of The Sex Offender Registry in Collin County, Texas: a Descriptive Analysis of Sex Offenders
Valenzuela, Priscilla
December 2012
Primary view of Recidivism Among Juvenile Sex Offenders in Texas
Martinez, Crystal G.
May 2013
Primary view of Is There Justice in Mercy?  the Retributive Philosophies of Executive Clemency
Gibbs, Gina N.
May 2013
Primary view of Ten Years After 9/11: the Structure and Use of Intelligence Units in Local Policing
Hollier, Michael P.
December 2013
Primary view of Recidivism Among Determinately Sentenced Youth in Texas
Rich, Courtney E.
May 2014
Primary view of Island Empire: the Influence of the Maceo Family in Galveston
Boatman, T. Nicole
August 2014
Primary view of Evaluation of Program Effectiveness: a Look at the Bedford Police Department’s Strategy Towards Repeat Victimization in Domestic Violence and Mental Health
Huskey, Michael G.
August 2014
Primary view of Let the Punishment Fit the Crime: an Overview of the Historical Approach to Probation in the State of Texas
Reichstein, Sheldon Philip
May 2015
Primary view of Online Pornography and Its Effects on the Behavior of College Students
Hassell, Michelle Stefanie
May 2016
Primary view of Racial Disparity in Traffic Stops: An Analysis of Racial Profiling Data in Texas
Winkler, Jordan M.
August 2016
Primary view of The Influence of Population on Wrongful Convictions
Whittington, Kari
December 2016
Primary view of Recidivism among Determinately Sentenced Juvenile Homicide Offenders in Texas
Vaughn, Sydney
May 2017
Primary view of Untangled: The Effects Family Structure Has on Juvenile Delinquency
Murray, Taylor Danielle
December 2017
Primary view of Ex-Offender Reentry: An Analysis of Current Policies and Programs
Laird, Kaleigh B.
December 2017
Primary view of Not So Elementary: An Examination of Trends in a Century of Sherlock Holmes Adaptations
Camp, Nathan
May 2018
Primary view of Student Perceptions of the University of North Texas Campus Police
Stidd, Megan D
May 2018
Primary view of Fundamental Demographics of Digital Piracy Offenders
Guerra, Chris
May 2018
Primary view of Terrorism, Media and Public Perception: Influence of Media on Public Perception on Terrorism Related Matters
Ivanova, Andrea
May 2018