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Acetophenone Derivatives; N-Diphenylmethyl and N-Fluorenyl Piperidines
This thesis is a study of α-(4-aminophenylsulfonyl)-acetophenone derivatives; n-diphenylmethyl and n-fluorenyl piperidines.
a-Amino Alcohol Derivatives of Methyl P-Nitrophenyl Acetate
This thesis describes the synthesis of a series of dialkylaminoalkoxy derivatives of methyl p-nitrophenylacetate for testing as anti-histamine or hay fever drugs.
An Application of the Reformatsky Reaction to the Thiophene Series of Compounds
In view of the increasing importance of thiophene derivatives as chemotherapeutic agents, it was considered of interest to apply the Reformatsky reaction to the synthesis of compounds containing the thiophene nucleus with the thought that these might serve as intermediates for further syntheses.
The Ascorbic Acid Metabolism of Fifty College Women in the North Texas State Teachers College
A study of the ascorbic acid metabolism of a group of fifty college women in the North Texas State Teachers College between the months of April and July, 1943.
Attempted Synthesis of 5-Allyl-5-(2-Thienyl)-Barbituric Acid
This thesis describes attempts to synthesize 5-allyl-5-(2-thienyl)-barbituric acid as an improved anticonvulsant.
Attempted Synthesis of Dibarbituric Acid
This study is an attempted synthesis of dithienyl barbituric acid.
The Attempted Synthesis of some Heterocyclic Sulfones
This thesis describes two experiments: one related to antihistamines, and the other related to antitubercular compounds.
A Chemical Analysis of Soft Wheat
The purpose of this piece of research is to determine the chemical composition of soft winter wheat, and to make a comparative study of it. A study is also made concerning its possibilities as a balanced food.
A Chemical Analysis of the Blackeyed Pea
The purpose of this research problem is to determine the chemical composition of the blackeyed pea and to make a comparative study of the results. The value of the blackeyed pea as food, its chemical nature, and possible industrial uses are studied and recorded.
Chemical Analysis of the Bottom Deposits of Artificial Lakes with Special Emphasis on Lake Dallas
This study is for the purpose of determining the chemical content of typical artificial reservoir bottom deposits.
The Chemical Analysis of the Mebane Cottonseed Kernel
The purpose of this work is to make a fairly complete chemical analysis of the Mebane 804-50 cottonseed kernel. A brief history of cotton plant and the economic value of its products are also presented.
A Chemical Analysis of the Peanut
The object of this paper is to make an analysis of the mineral and food content of the peanut and to compare them with a balanced food.
The Chemical Analysis of the Tennessee Green Pod Pole Bean
The object of this paper is to compare the Tennessee green pod pole bean with other beans as to chemical composition and food value.
A Chemical, Physical, and Biological Investigation of the Total Suspended and Dissolved Substances in Lake Dallas with Emphasis on Sanitation
The purpose of this investigation is to determine the suspended organic matter and the total phosphorus in the waters of Lake Dallas and to evaluate these findings. Since organic matter floating in lakes is largely composed of minute plants, animals, and detritus derived from animals and plants, the fertilizing effect of phosphorus must be considered as an integral part of this problem.
Chlorination of Neohexane
This thesis describes an experiment to chorinate neohexane, and the resulting compounds.
The Determination of the Constants in the System of Methyl Alcohol, Acetic Acid, and Water
The purpose of this study is to determine the specific reaction or velocity constants and the equilibrium constant in a system of methyl alcohol and acetic acid, a bimolecular reaction of the second order.
Determination of the Optimum Concentration of Sulfur Dioxide to be Used in Sweet Potato Dehydration
The object of this paper is to determine the optimum concentration of sulfur dioxide to be used in the commercial dehydration of the sweet potato by this process. Attention has been given to two aspects of the problem, (1) the effect of sulfur dioxide upon the extraction of water from the sweet potato by mechanical means, and (2) the effect of sulfur dioxide upon the stability of the carotene in the sweet potato over a period of several months.
A Determination of the Value of Sulphur Dioxide as a Dehydrating Agent for Sweet Potatoes
The purpose of this experiment was to determine the value of sulphur dioxide as a dehydrating agent for sweet potatoes.
The Effect of Photo-Sensitized Mercury on Mixtures of Isobutane and Isobutene
A study of the effect of photo-sensitized mercury on mixtures of isobutane and isobutene.
A Fractionation Column for the Separation of Products of the Alkylation of Isobutane and Isobutene
This thesis describes a fractionation column method of separating isobutane and isobutene to isolate isooctane.
Hydantoin Derivatives as Anticonvulsants. I. 5-Cyclohexylalkyl-5-(2-Thienyl)Hydantoins
The study herein described represents a continuation of the work on 5-(2-thienyl)-5-substituted hydantoins which has been in progress in the laboratories of the North Texas State College for the past several years. It has for its purpose the study of the effect of lengthening the carbon chain connecting a cyclohexyl radical to 5-(2-thienyl)hydantoin in the 5- position.
The Infra-red Absorption Spectrogram of Ethylidene Fluoride
This thesis is a study of the near infra-red absorption spectrum of ethylidene fluoride.
The Isolation and Chemical Study of Compounds Produced by a Strain of Penicillium Notatum
It is the purpose of this paper to present data on the isolation and study of the chemical nature of compounds produced by this strain of mold which resembles Penicillium notatum nestling.
The Light Sensitivity of some Nitrogen-containing Furfural Derivatives
This study describes the creation of various furfural derivatives and their respective light sensitivity.
The Mercury Photosensitized Reactions of some Hydrocarbons
The problem was to study the behavior of several hydrocarbons when they were subjected to ultraviolet light of 2536 Å in the presence of mercury vapor.
The Mercury-Sensitized Photo-Reactions of 2,3-Dimethyl Butane
The work encompassed by this thesis is partially a reproduction of the results obtained by John A. Marcia in his work on the photo-chemical reactions of branched hydrocarbons. The previous work done on this particular problem was rendered partially valueless because of the loss of the liquid hydrocarbon product when a fractionation column at the Texas Company Laboratory, Beacon, New York, broke during the fractionation run.
The Mercury-Sensitized Photo-Reactions of a Mixture of Propane and Isobutane
It was decided to determine whether or not 2,2,3-trimethylbutane could be formed by the photochemical reaction of isobutane and propane in the presence of mercury vapor energized by ultraviolet radiation from a mercury vapor lamp.
The Mercury-Sensitized Photo-Reactions of Isobutane
A study of the mercury-sensitized photo-reactions of isobutane.
A Mineral Analysis of the Henrietta Water Supply
The water which supplies the city of Henrietta, Clay County, Texas, is obtained from the Little Wichita River. A concrete dam was built across the river at a point about a mile and a half north of town.
The Photo-Alkylation of C4 Hydocarbons
A study of the photo-alkylation of C4 hydrocarbons.
The Photo-Chemical Reactions of Isopentane
This thesis describes an experiment in the ultraviolet absorption of hydrocarbons.
Preparation of Various Amino Alcohol Derivatives of p-Chlorophenoxyacetic Acid and Phenylacetic Acid
This thesis deals with the preparation of dialkylaminoalkoxy derivatives of p-chlorophenoxyacetic acid and phenylacetic acid.
A Qualitative Analysis of the Products of the Reaction Between Chlorosulfonic Acid and 2, 2, 4-Trimethylpentane
This study was made in an attempt to analyze qualitatively the reaction products formed when chlorosulfonic acid reacts with 2, 2, 4-trimethylpentane.
A Quantitative Chemical Analysis of Yellow Dwarf Milo Grain
Evidence indicates that the sorghums were grown as cultivated crops in Egypt as early as 2200 B. C. The sorghums are native to Africa, but indications are that they may have evolved independently in India.
Reactions of Thionyl Chloride, Sulfuryl Chloride, and Chlorosulphonic Acid with Various Types of Hydrocarbons
This study was made to compare rates of reactions between thionyl chloride, sulfuryl chloride, and chlorosulphonic acid, separately, with various types of hydrocarbons.
The Storage of Organic Matter in Bottom Deposits of Lake Dallas
The purpose of this investigation is to find which season of the year organic matter increases most in the bottom deposits of Lake Dallas, the reason for the increase, and the amount of organic matter increase from year to year. It is hoped that this study will be beneficial in understanding the conditions in artificial reservoirs.
A Study of Sympathiomimetic Amines, Synthesis of O-Alkylhydroxylamines
Although many sympathomimetic amines have been prepared, the perfect one has not yet been made. Chemists are still attempting to synthesize a selective drug with more prolonged effects and free from side reactions or compensatory vasodilation. With this idea in mind it seemed feasible to prepare a group of O-substituted hydroxylamines.
A Study of the Thermal Decomposition Products of Lignite
Lignite is a low grade of coal widely distributed throughout the world. A complete analysis of lignite has not been made, due to the difficulty encountered in the separation of the complex organic compounds bonded therein.
This thesis discusses the preparation of a-(o-nitro-p-methylphenylmercapto)-acetophenone by the reaction between acetophenone and o-nitro-p-methylbenzenesulfenyl chloride in boiling chloroform. The use of stannous chloride in glacial acetic acid for the reduction of nitro groups to amino groups was found generally satisfactory in spite of the difficulty often met with in isolating the amino product.
The Syntheses of Amino Substituted Salicylic Acids and Related Compounds
The introduction of the ether linkage into various compounds imparts physiological activity, hence the synthesis of various ether derivatives involving the phenol group seemed to be a possible route to tuberculostatic substances. The compounds reported in this work are to be tested for tuberculostatic properties by Parke, Davis and Company.
The Synthesis and Testing of Differential Herbicides
This investigation was limited to the preparation of substituted phenoxyacetic acids and related compounds. The types of substances prepared for testing can, in general, be placed in three groups. These are: aryloxyacetic acids, arylmercaptoacetic acids, and those acids containing the thiophene nucleus.
Synthesis of 5- (2-Thienyl) Barbituric Acid
A study of the synthesis of 5- (2-Thienyl) barbituric acid.
The Synthesis of 5-Alkyl-5-(2-Thienylmethyl)-Barbituric Acids
This thesis describes the synthesis of a series of 5-alkyl-5-(2-thienylmethyl)-barbituric acids.
Synthesis of a-(p-Aminophenylsulfonyl)-Substitutedacetophenones
This thesis describes a procedure used to synthesize a-(p-Aminophenylsulfonyl)-p-methylacetophenone, a-(p-aminophenylsulfonyl)-p-bromoacetophenone, and a-(p-aminophenylsulfonyl)-p-methoxyacetophenone for study as possible new anti-tubercular agents.
Synthesis of Antispasmodics
This thesis is a study of the synthesis of antispasmodics.
The Synthesis of Certain Alkyl Alpha-(2-Dialkylam Inoalkoxy)Phenylacetates
This thesis describes the procedures used in preparation of the derivatives of certain alkyl phenylacetates and the necessary intermediate compounds. Compounds resembling the structure of Benadryl were prepared in this study in the hope that at least one might prove to be of value in the fight against allergy.
The Synthesis of N-Substituted Di(2-thienylmethyl)acetamides
This thesis is a study of the synthesis of N-substituted di(2-thienylmethyl)acetamides.
Thiophene Analogs of DDT; O-Alkylhydorxylamine Hydrochorides; Dialkylaminoalkyl Esters of Phenoxyacetic Acid
This thesis describes three separate and unrelated chemical experiments. The first investigates analogs for the compound DDT. The second investigates the properties of O-substituted hydroxylamines. The third investigates the action of slight changes to the structure of an antihistaminic agent.
Use of Chlorosulphonic Acid to Differentiate Hydrocarbon Types
This study investigates the rate of reaction of various types of hydrocarbons with chlorosulphonic acid at the temperature 10 degrees Celsius.