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Cytoplasmic Antigen Relationships among Streptomyces Species
The present study was concerned with the testing of antigenic material derived from a number of streptomycetes in an effort to establish an auxiliary taxonomic scheme based upon cytoplasmic antigen relationships among these organisms.
The Dispersal of Algae and Protozoa by Selected Odonata
This study was designed to show what dissemules may be carried by selected genera of Odonata, where the dissemules may be predominantly carried on the selected insects and to relate the behavior of the selected Odonata to frequency of occurrence of micro-organisms on the insects.
The Effect of Carbon Monoxide on the Growth of an Aquatic Streptomycete
The major purpose of this investigation was to determine the effect of carbon monoxide on the development of various morphological phases of a single isolate of the aquatic streptomycetes and to elucidate the physiological differences between terminal respiration in the primary and secondary stages. A secondary purpose was to repeat the work of Michael Lee Higgins involving the effect of anaerobiosis on the growth of the organism.
Effects of Altitude on Pressure-Flow Relationships in the Vascular Bed of the Hind Limb of the Dog
The purpose of this investigation was to study the effects of decreasing barometric pressure upon the pressure-flow relationships in a peripheral vascular bed in an attempt at better delineation of the autoregulatory mechanisms. A decrease in barometric pressure does influence the transmural pressure and could theoretically affect smooth muscle tone. An evaluation of the extent of the transmural effect is essential to understanding vascular dynamics at altitudes.
Effects of Visible Monochromatic Radiations on Growth of Pith Callus Tissue of Pelargonium Zonale
It was the purpose of the investigation to determine the effects of selected high intensity monochromatic radiations on the growth of pith callus tissue of Pelargonium zonale, variety Enchantress Fiat. In addition, the extent of cell differentiation was to be determined for tissues grown under each experimental treatment.
Effects of X-irradiation on Potassium Flux in Isolated Nerves
The purpose of this study, therefore, was threefold in nature: (1) to determine the effects of x-irradiation on the influx and efflux of potassium in compound nerve fibers (2) to attempt to relate the radiation-induced changes in electrical activity with potassium flux and (3) to use the information obtained to gain insight into the possible cellular site (s) of radiation insult to compound nerves.
Electron Microscopy of Vesicles Present in Bacterial Lysates of Escherichia Coli
It is the purpose of this thesis to report further studies on the vesicles appearing in phage lysates of Escherichia coli, phage attachment to these vesicles, and the presence of similar vesicles in lysozyme and penicillin lysed cultures.
Factors Involved in Passive Transfer of Contact Hypersensitivity
Delayed hypersensitivity can be conferred passively to normal animals. There exists a period when whole peritoneal exudate cells will passively confer delayed sensitivity, but a sonic extract from them will not; however, after a few more days, both whole cells and sonic extracts could transfer sensitivity. This investigation was undertaken to study the differences in cells collected at two different time intervals after initial sensitization of guinea pigs with 1-fluoro-2,4-dinitrobenzene.
A Gas Chromatographic Study of Actinomycete Tastes and Odors
The primary purpose of this study was to continue the search for a suitable liquid phase which could be utilized in a gas chromatographic study of actinomycetic tastes and odors. Of equal importance were the attempts to characterize the compounds found in the odor water.
Microbiotic Cycles in Lake Hefner
The purposes of this paper are 1) to determine the microbiotic cycles which occur in Lake Hefner in order to form a basis for ascertaining the effects of future additions of evaporation control chemicals on the biological life of this reservoir, and 2) to make a generalization as to the microbiotic cycles which might occur in Southwestern reservoirs.
Phosphorus Metabolism in Atypical Mycobacteria
The design for this study was tri-phasic: 1) to establish growth time patterns for each group of atypical mycobacteria, 2) to demonstrate the dynamic state of phosphorus in the various fractions by determining its incorporation and turnover, 3) to determine quantitatively the amount of phosphorus in each fraction.
Responses to Diets High in Phenylalanine Compounds as Genetic Parameters in Mice
The induction of phenylketonuria in mice through the use of excess dietary phenylalanine is an area in which limited research has been done. This study intends to pursue further work in this area, more specifically, to study the effects of excess dietary phenylalanine and the phenylalanine analogue A.P.B.A. (2-amino-3-phenyl butanoic acid) (7) on brain serotonin and brain norepinephrine. In addition, the effects of these two compounds on the incidence of audiogenic seizures will be explored.
Serological Characteristics of Coagulase Positive and Negative Staphylococci
For this work, the decision was made to contrast two serological tests, that of the tube agglutination technique and the fluorescent antibody technique for correlation with the coagulase and other characteristics of Staphylococcus strains. This has been a preliminary survey in the hope that as further knowledge is obtained about the staphylococci, grouping of the organisms will become more routine and relatively less complex.
Some Effects of X-irradiation on Oxygen Uptake and Serotonin Levels in Rat Brain Tissue Slices
The aim of this study is to determine the changes in respiration in tissues from specific brain areas X-irradiated in vitro using a direct monometric procedure also to determine the differences in radiosensitivity of specific areas in the brain as reflected by changes in oxygen uptake and to shed some light on the nature of the biochemical lesions in nerve tissues brought about by ionizing radiation.
Some Physiological Effects of Chlorine upon Two Chlorine Resistant Algae
This research is concerned specifically with the growth of two selected algae found surviving in chlorinated water in outdoor swimming pools. Unialgal cultures were used to determine the free chlorine residuals that these algae were able to tolerate.
Studies of Mouse Hypersensitivities
Having considered the data collected thus far concerning immediate and delayed hypersensitivity reactions in the mouse, the experimentation following is devised essentially to follow the pattern of Crowle in the production and testing for immunoresponse. Instead of using the normal solvent, that is, acetone, this work is also intended to partially evaluated the use of dimethyl sulfoxide as a solvent for the contact allergin, dinitroflurobenzene.
Teratogenesis in Inbred Strains of Mice
The purpose of this investigation is to determine if differences exist between four inbred strains of mice in susceptibility to the drug thalidomide.
Transport of Viable Dissemules of Algae and Protozoa by Selected Diptera
This research was designed primarily to determine whether and to what extent several species of Dipteria (true flies) carry viable dissemules of algae and or Protozoa "in-flight."