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Bentric Algae of Selected Thermal Springs of Yellowstone National Park
The purpose of this investigation was to characterize the population dynamics of the benthos of selected pristine thermal springs.
Effects of pH and Substrate on Growth of Escherichia Coli and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in Mixed Continuous Culture
The express purpose for doing this project was to develop methods for the continuous culture of E. coli and P. aeruginosa as a mixed population, and to apply these methods in studying the effects of pH and substrate upon the growth of these two organisms in mixed continuous culture.
Effects of X-Irradiation on Na22 Efflux in Isolated Nerves
The purpose of this study was twofold: 1) to present experimental data on changes in permeability of fibers during irradiation using Na22 as the tracer isotope, and 2) to attempt to correlate these findings with the electrical changes observed.
The Life Cylce of an Aquatic Actinomycete
The purpose of this investigation was an attempt to clarify the relatives taxonomic position of and to formulate some of the basic cyclic morphological and physiological processes occurring in an aquatic actinomycete possessing streptomycetal characteristics.
A Serological Study of the Antigenic Fractions of the Aerobic Actinomycetes
The purpose of this investigation is to alleviate this confusion by first testing means of separating the antigenic components of the aerobic actinomycetes--obtaining, if possible, a monospecific antigen. Antisera produced from these monospecific antigens will then be tested for their possible use in the serological grouping of the aerobic actinomycetes.
The Synecology of Phyco-Periphyton in Oligotrophic Lakes
This study is designed to (a) demonstrate the highly productive nature of the littoral area as compared to the pelagic region, (b) the possible importance of phyco-periphyton in the diets of fish, (c) the effects of meteorological conditions on distribution of phytoplankton, and (d) a demonstration of the invalidity of using artificial substrates as a universal means of measuring productivity.
Water and Ion Eflux in Isolated Onion Roots
The aims of this study were: (1) to determine simultaneously by means of a micro-potometric method the rates of water and various isotopic ion effluxes from isolated onion roots; (2) to determine and compare the effects of metabolic inhibitors on both processes simultaneously; (3) to ascertain the similarity or dissimilarity of mechanisms involved with these two processes; (4) to ascertain the role of active metabolism in each of these processes; (5) to shed light on possible gearing mechanism(s) between metabolic and transport processes.
X-irradiation and Drug Effects on Ventral Root Potentials in Cat Spinal Cords
The purpose of the present study was sixfold: 1. To study the effects of x-irradiation on spinal cord activity. 2. To study the effects of CNS drugs on spinal cord function as reflected by changes in the ventral root potentials. 3. To ascertain whether one can alter the observed spinal response to ionizing radiation by applying CNS drugs prior to, during, and following x-irradiation of a given spinal cord segment. 4. To shed some light on the role of higher brain centers on spinal reflexes. 5. To shed some light on the loci of radiation insult to the spinal cord. 6. To establish evidence for a possible drug-irradiation interaction in mammals.