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Primary view of An Analysis of the Hobbies of Sixth Grade Girls of Twelve Elementary Schools of Dallas, Texas
Piester, Kathleen
Primary view of An Analytical Study of the Practices in the Administration and Conduct of Women's Fencing Programs in Colleges in Texas with the Development of a Manual on Fencing for College Women
Rakestraw, Sammye Louise
Primary view of An Analytical Study of the Training and Conditioning Programs for Football in Selected Colleges and Universities of Texas
McClanahan, B. Franklin
Primary view of A Comparative Study of Class A and Class AA Football Coaches of Districts One through Sixteen of the University Interscholastic League
Sheffield, William Polk
Primary view of A Comparative Study of Recreation in State and Federal Mental Institutions in Texas
Drennan, John Francis, Jr.
Primary view of A Comparative Study of the 1939-40 Living Conditions of Dormitory and Non-Dormitory Men Attending North Texas State Teachers College, Denton, Texas
Walker, DeVere B.
August 1940
Primary view of A Comparative Study of the Boys' Physical Education Programs in the Senior High Schools of Rusk County, Texas, and an Evaluation of These Programs on the Basis of Standards Set Up by Bulletin No. 444 of theTexas State Department of Education
Hall Homer R.
Primary view of A Comparative Study of the Relation of Food, Rest, and Recreation to the Height and Weight of the Children in the Fifth Grade of Winnetka School, Dallas, Texas
Smith, Jessyee
Primary view of A Critical Study of the Auditorium Activities of the White Elementary Schools of Dallas, Texas, to Determine the Educational Value of such Procedures in a Platoon System of Public Schools
Welch, Elizabeth
Primary view of A Critical Study of the Programs of Boys' Clubs Sponsored by Organizations in McKinney, Denton, and Dallas, Texas to Determine their Significance in an Over All Guidance Program
Drain, Maxie, A.
Primary view of A Critical Study of the Qualifications and Duties of Counselors at a Selected Number of Girls' Private Summer Camps in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado
Dowdy, June
Primary view of The Developing of a Recreation Program for the Conroe Independent School District of Conroe, Texas
Clayton, Jesse Davis
Primary view of The Development of an Intramural Program for Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Boys in the Paschal High School, Fort Worth, Texas
Williams, J. R.
Primary view of The Economical and Educational Values of the Banking System in the Public Schools of Dallas, Texas
Varnell, Pansy Lena
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Physical Education, Health, and Recreation Program of the Waco State Home
Smyers, John D.
June 1941
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Programs of Health and Physical Education for Girls in the Junior High Schools of Class AA Type of District One of the University of Texas Interscholastic League
George, Gladys Lynch
Primary view of Evaluation of the School Plant of Arlington Heights High School of Fort Worth, Texas, as Related to Health and Safety Environment of the School Population with Recommendations for Future Improvements from 1949
Ruggieri, Nick
Primary view of An Experiment in the Production of Archery Equipment in Physical Education Classes at North Texas State Teachers College to Determine the Motivation Possibilities and the Procedure Necessary in the Production of the Equipment
Hendrick, Tommie W.
Primary view of The Growth and Development of the Park and Recreation Facilities and Program for the City of Dallas, Texas from 1876 to 1946
Kelsay, Jolly Franklin
August 1946
Primary view of A Handbook of Instruction for Physical Training Instructors Based upon the Selected Program in Physical Training for the 308th College Training Detachment (Aircrew) at Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College
Segrist, Herman B.
Primary view of The History of the Development of Dental Hygiene in the Elementay Public Schools Dallas, Texas, from 1925-1939
Jacob, Violet Benito
Primary view of A History of the North Texas State Teachers College Demonstration School
Martin, Doris M.
August 1940
Primary view of Methods and Procedures Employed in the Operation of the Centralized System of Athletics in the White Senior High Schools of Dallas, Texas, 1931-1940
Cowley, Herman A.
Primary view of A Personnel Study of Head Football Coaches in the AA High Schools of Texas
Gregory, Lyman